Entry #168

A brief update.

2017-01-22 18:14:12 by Littleluckylink


Sorry for the silence. Life's been difficult for the past few months. This is primarily due to the loss of two different vehicles and struggling to pay bills while keeping art-blocking anxiety away. No new updates on Overtime, but I'm not postponing it any longer. As far as I see, September 22 2017 is still the release date. More updates soon to follow. Meanwhile, check out my new painting!


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2017-02-02 10:14:32

o shit


2017-02-05 10:40:45

It's been a while since I actually seen some progress over Overtime. Dunno, been inactive both in the forums and the internet itself atleast. I'm really glad that you've put the effort and dedication to finish this before September 22 even though there have been a lot of shit going down with your life right now. Don't worry, all that shi- will go away soon, cheer up man. :D


2017-02-09 22:59:49

Always waiting for new good stuff!


2017-02-11 04:19:07

lol i love seeing that little guy in your picture next to your head; cute ;3


2017-02-25 16:18:27

You are alive, i nut.


2017-04-04 20:20:23

Jesus first the official sequel to a game made on the nes, breath of the wild's release and now this? This is great


2017-04-23 19:14:08

Hey LL, What happened to 7isunlucky?