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Posted by LittleLuckyLink - 4 days ago


I think Mike needs some ibuprofen. It started with vacation and sick time being canceled, but since things have gotten worse, they're keeping us locked within this building until we're able to figure something out. They say we're "essential" and that our work here could bring this whole thing to a close, but I can't help but think this is more of a prison than anything else. We're not even allowed to reach out to our families or loved ones.. I hope my wife is okay.. Jim, from one of the lower research departments, was shot and killed during a recent mutiny in which several of us tried to escape. They keep telling us that it was a suicide, but that's not true. I can't believe Jim committed suicide. I cannot believe that Jim committed suicide. How could Jim have committed suicide? We're stuck here. More and more of us seem to be falling ill, and our efforts to reverse this are backfiring. God help us all.


Posted by LittleLuckyLink - 10 days ago

Normally these weekly shindigs would be posted to the front page, but I can only do that exactly a week after the previous post. Exactly a week, down to the time. I guess I spaced one of these weeks and posted after 6PM (mountain time) so I figured I'd just keep this one off the front page and reset the time at which I can make the posts so that they're much earlier in the day. Anyway who cares? Screenshot time!


Also as a bonus, I've mentioned before that Nick's neighborhood in Dawn of the Madness was based on my own neighborhood that I was living in at the time. I found one of my old SD cards that has this reference image I used for the view of Justin's back yard. The interior of Nick's house was also based on our house at the time.



Posted by LittleLuckyLink - 2 weeks ago




Posted by LittleLuckyLink - 1 month ago

that is all.



Posted by LittleLuckyLink - 1 month ago

My weekly screenshot post just so happened to align with the birth date of this account. Nifty! I had an account way back in '04 but I'd rather never discuss that one because I was way too young lmao. Anyway, my account is thirteen years old, which is actually older than I was when I made Dawn of the Madness.

Anyway, Overtime is still going along well. I'm actually grateful for the ability to upload videos on here because I can already say that Overtime is a c l u n k e r . In previous episodes, I was much more concerned about file size and the ability for flash to process what was happening on screen. The gloves are off and it's time to get dirty.

I've been putting a solid 15 hours a day into this big behemoth for the time being, and any support really helps pursue these passions. Feel free to take a look through my artwork on here, and if you like what you see, check out my Society6 or Redbubble pages for prints, tapestries, and all sorts of cool stuff. I also teamed up with Lit Like Luma some time ago, and they've got a really fabulous collection of shirts and hats with some of my paintings on them. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in any original works I may still have. Unfortunately I am not taking commissions at this point, as I'm trying to focus my time and efforts on finishing Overtime, among whatever else life serves for breakfast.

Finally, I couldn't decide which of these two screenshots to post so fuck it here's both:





Posted by LittleLuckyLink - 1 month ago



Posted by LittleLuckyLink - April 22nd, 2020

Full steam ahead! I intend to post a screenshot and/or other info here once a week. So far I've stuck to Wednesday but that may change in the future, we'll have to see. I have also posted two new songs here, Boiling Point and Radar. Boiling Point is a lot more of a dark-ambient track, while Radar is a more trip-hop oriented track. I've been having a hard time finding good music for a few scenes, so I just figured I'd make my own. Radar is scored to directly match a certain scene, so the pacing of the song on its own is probably a bit weird, but I think they should look cool in the context of Overtime. I've been kinda wanting to give music a whack again, if not for more original soundtracks, then just for fun.

Anyway, speaking of Overtime, I got a lot of great questions about Overtime, so keep it up if you have any! I won't spoil any major plot details such as who lives or dies, etc, but I'll answer as many as I can. With five months till release, the big question is "is it really coming out?" The answer is yes so please don't jinx it by continuing to ask because I could get struck by lighting at any random second and y'all ain't holding that one against me lmao. Right now, Overtime is where just about 100% of my energy goes. It may be a bit harder once everything starts opening up again, but I'm getting myself as far ahead as possible. I intend to finish Overtime in August or early September, allowing me plenty of time to make any adjustments/fix up artwork/etc. It will be released on September 22, and then I'll post it on Youtube like a month later because fuck Youtube NG 4 LYF.

Anyway I've been kinda rambling, so I'll close this post off with some new stats and a new screenshot. I originally thought Overtime was gonna be around 15-20 minutes until I realized that I already have 15 minutes animated. 25+ minutes is looking much more realistic. Expect around 75 kills, maybe more.



I also wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out to whoever not only wrote these neat Wikis on the Dawn to Dusk series, but took the time to count how many kills each character racked up. Now that's some dedication, and you deserve several cookies.


Posted by LittleLuckyLink - April 15th, 2020


I'm also open to questions about Overtime (but I won't spoil any of the plot.) I'll get the easy ones out of the way:

  • September 22, 2020 is the target release date, and I'm a bit ahead of schedule.
  • It'll be closer to the 20-25 minute range*
  • It will be the final episode for realz (unless I decide to do prequels or spin-offs)

*Edit 4/16/20: After doing the math, my original 15-20 minute guess was a bit low


Posted by LittleLuckyLink - April 11th, 2020

behind you..



Posted by LittleLuckyLink - April 7th, 2020

Thank you all for the continued support. Strange times, eh? I'm home and healthy, and I hope all of you are as well.