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Lmao this is great. I love how chaotic and unpredictable, yet smooth their movements are. Boner points for the AC vent poster. Want.

Lul geez Spadz, give ol Smo' a break! He had a point about the lack of feet, but if it's supposed to be a tribute to Tricky Madness 2, which also lacked feet, then it's passable. It's still something that stands out though. Acknowledging the fact that this is meant to be a "short" and not a full-length feature is also pretty necessary here.
For its value as a short- I loved the sadistic jaw-ripping early on. I think you captured the mood of TM2 pretty well here, and I found the use of older assets (such as the Vcam and some of the graphics) to be quite charming. Perhaps a bit of a nostalgic bias on my part, but what can I say? I just think it's awesome to see you're still around. I'm curious to see how this will play in to future installments. Take care!

smotez responds:

Hey man, glad you enjoyed it and more importantly understood what I was creating. Much love Link.

Lmao holy hell, I had no idea what I was walking into here. Nicely done, especially in the special effects towards the end and the.. uh.. transformation.

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I feel like there was definitely an aesthetic charm to the fact that at its core, this is a very early video game, but there is a heavy weight on the fact that millions of block breaking variants and clones populate the internet. However, there are many opportunities to improve and make this a pretty neat little game. I will say I was curious by the title, and definitely felt relaxed and eager to finish at least a level.
I think the art was good, it definitely had an MSPaint feel to it, but I still felt as though it could be smoother and a little even in places such as the lower grid. I enjoy vaporware imagery and music, so I think it would be cool in future additions to have additional levels with more art, and perhaps soundtracks?
I feel like the physics could use a bit of tweaking, but I think you're on the right path. I feel like considering the content of the game, it could probably go with a few notches down on the speed of the ball.

That's actually pretty cool. I really like this. I love the touch of the ricocheting bullets, and adding a puzzle element to each level is certainly right up my alley.

Fucking hilarious. Excellent sound design.

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Awesome! Very atmospheric, especially with some good headphones. I really like how while both halves of the song are different in tone, they still keep a good flow and encompass similar emotions. I really like the first jazzy half, and the second, more peaceful half serves as a good answer to it. I also like how you slowed down the tempos at the end of each section. (Forgive my lack of proper musical terminology.) Anyway, good stuff! Thanks for using my painting as the cover! I think that this song is definitely fitting. I'll have to show this song to my friend that I gave the painting to, I'm sure she'd dig it!

shlowmo responds:

When I made the saw your art I thought about how nice it would be to be outdoors. The way the blues and pinks wrap around the sun I thought has a dreamy type feel to it. Thanks for the comment!

Very nice. I like the echo and other effects that give this song a pretty atmospheric sound. I could definitely see it in an icy level of a video game. I could also see myself casually listening to this on a nice snowy day. This song kinda reminds me of the theme song for the Phendrana Drifts areas in the first Metroid Prime game. Very well done.

GundorSound responds:

I'm so happy to hear that you would compare my song to one in a great game like MP. Though I'm not very familiar with the Metroid series, I just now gave Phendrana Drifts a listen and got goosebumps, so thank you for turning me on to a new soundtrack. And thank you for saying such kind words about my song!

Hello old friend.
Solid piece you have here. I really love the piano bit in the middle. Super creepy, gut-wrenching, and beautiful.

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Again, fantastic coloring. It's almost poetic how vibrant and warm the colors are in contrast to the subject itself. Great work!

Very interesting. I love the coloring, especially. The way you're able to have the warmer and cooler colors exist in such harmony is admirable.

Knew it! I saw the icon on the front page and I clicked really hoping it was Harry from SH, and it is! Great work! I love the coloring, shading, and the use of barbed wire wrapped around everything. Have fun with SH2, it's probably my all-time favorite video game.

Ruedefaux responds:

Thank you! I feel like I don't see Harry a lot compared to James and Heather. Mind you, I don't have any personal connection to James or Heather just yet since haven't played those ones, SO we will see~ But Harry went through like three dimensions for his daughter, he deserves art >:c

But ahh! Thank you~

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