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Cool news, cool photo from what looks like a cool trip, and cool idea with the archive work in particular! Regarding Flash backwards compatibility - I thought it was just a problem if it was the other way around? Opening a Flash CS6 file with 8: not possible, but don't think I've ever had issues the other way around.

Last I checked, Flash 8 files could only be opened as far as CS3, and then required conversion afterward.. It's definitely worth looking into. I may do a test run on an older .fla and see what happens.
Also, is the photo in your header on the page one you took? It's pretty neat as well!

I would love to see that archive, then I wouldn't have to worry about missing any classics. Also, glad to see that Overtime is still being worked on.

Ah, that's good to know. Maybe CS6 changed things, as I feel like I've been opening a lot of older files with that one, but maybe I'm wrong. Can't check now as I cleaned out the computer and installed only the most lightweight stuff... so it's back to 8 again. Which poses a bit of a problem with CS6 files but such is life...

And yeah, took it a few months ago when the sun was just starting to rise over the horizon. :) Thanks!

@Cyberdevil @Littleluckylink the only way to port cs6 assets to flash 8 is to import a swf file without a password on it, such as a sprite sheet. its slow but works.

of course you could finish the scene you are on in flash 8, and continue in cs6, and edit it together by using swivel or something.

@Seancglover good to know! I have dabbled with opening .swf files to edit back in the day a bit, though good to know it's backwards compatible too that way. Seems it works regardless of version the other way around too, then (at least at the point of CS6)!

Glad to see you're doing great and getting back on the platform!

It's fantastic that CS6 can load Flash 8 files (and I still use 8 myself), also major kudos on that podcast!

Yeah, I've been pretty hardcore on continuing to use Flash 8 myself, but I'm willing and excited to give CS6 a go for the second half of Overtime.

Hell yeah!