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well then, that was great. i loved the occasional shifts in animation style. I think this made me high.

Lololol, nice! Truly a testament to how Hank is an unstoppable force, the Agent should have told him to check out the arctic region perhaps xD
Great to see you still posting mate! The only thing I may recommend is perhaps adding some motion when the characters are speaking to each other- such as hand movements, shrugs, breathing, etc. Aside from that, good work! Happy MC anniversary!

Crazymonkey154 responds:

The arctic would've had a better chance of stopping him for sure! I wish I thought of those motion ideas, but will keep them in mind for future animations. No way will I stop submitting stuff here anytime soon! Next up will be whatever I make for Madness Day 2022.

Holy moly. The lore just keeps getting deeper and deeper and I'm absolutely obsessed. Duel of the Hanks ftw. Another absolute banger soundtrack, too. Love this <3

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Not bad. Good sound, good graphics/art, and smooth controls. Found it pretty fun to try to stay airborne for as long as possible.

Such a lovely game. I like the laid-back and relaxing tone, further added to by the wonderful music. I was extremely happy to help Sulka find a new home <3 The level design was pretty good, with obstacles that invoke timing and calculation to maneuver. When the reverse-gravity mechanic was introduced, I was even more hooked than before. It added an extremely fun twist without making the game frustratingly difficult. It was somewhat reminiscent of some of the momentum/gravity mechanics seen in the Portal games, but you clearly made it your own for a very pleasurable experience. I'm excited to check out more of your games!

An absolute blast. Fun concept, great music, and fun gameplay that's almost addicting.

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I've been going through your music, came across this one and thought to myself "huh, this gives me Silent Hill vibes.." Very nice. I love the bass, the soundscape of this one in particular sounds like it's echoing and reverberating inside my head. Love it!

Unfff I'm really digging that bass. This has an almost Metroid-feel to it. I love it!

This is so great. I love how atmospheric and dreamy this is.

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Your excellence in lighting really shines here as it brings a healthy volume of realism to this piece. Fantastic work! The proportions of the parked car in the street stand out to me, however. The wheels look too small. This is a very minor note, of course. The rest of the piece shines beautifully, and I love the appearance of fresh rain- I can almost feel it. Great work!

itsdanfango responds:

thanks. yeah it's even worse when you see what the car actually looks like in daylight too

Epic! I love the colors here, everything feels super warm, playing into the chaotic atmosphere of this piece.

Ms-Payasa responds:

glad you love it, thanks!

I love it! I'd play the fuck out of this too. Great work!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

No problem!

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