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Good effort on the music and composition, as I read you were unable to keep the old one up. The title and description of this was very vague and not too convincing. It was apparent that this is a showreel of sorts. I think gradually your animation capabilities showed improvement throughout, and I hope to see this talent applied to future animations, as you definitely have a lot of potential here. Some of those movements and more specifically character body movements, were pretty impressive! Definitely keep at it, but next time I would suggest titling this as a showreel, or an animation-reel if you will, you would be able to attract more criticism and attention possibly. Keep at the anatomy and drawing, and definitely some of those more interesting parts of this.

anthonycadette responds:

thanks man

It's been a while since I've actually watched a movie off of the front page of Newgrounds that really struck me as yours did.. You did an excellent job. The poem was very clever in how it was written and narrated. It kept me captivated in the story, and the story itself also somewhat spoke to me in interesting ways. I really enjoyed the personification of emotion into beautifully illustrated settings of comical representation. Very well done there as well!

JarrodElvin responds:

Thank you very much for your kind review! That really means a lot to me that you take the time to watch and also write such a thoughtful comment. I'm glad you liked the poem and the artwork as well as the story. I think it's something we can all relate to at times, and the imagery just sets it into extreme examples of those metaphors. Thank you.

Though it does seem like a lot of these were jokes I've heard before recycled, the voice acting and animation were pretty good. However, the random broken and inconsistent background noise started to really bug me towards the end, definitely taking away from the movie.

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I feel like there was definitely an aesthetic charm to the fact that at its core, this is a very early video game, but there is a heavy weight on the fact that millions of block breaking variants and clones populate the internet. However, there are many opportunities to improve and make this a pretty neat little game. I will say I was curious by the title, and definitely felt relaxed and eager to finish at least a level.
I think the art was good, it definitely had an MSPaint feel to it, but I still felt as though it could be smoother and a little even in places such as the lower grid. I enjoy vaporware imagery and music, so I think it would be cool in future additions to have additional levels with more art, and perhaps soundtracks?
I feel like the physics could use a bit of tweaking, but I think you're on the right path. I feel like considering the content of the game, it could probably go with a few notches down on the speed of the ball.

That's actually pretty cool. I really like this. I love the touch of the ricocheting bullets, and adding a puzzle element to each level is certainly right up my alley.

Fucking hilarious. Excellent sound design.

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Nice! As soon as that synth kicked in, I was captivated. The bass kick really brought the atmosphere out as well! Could definitely see myself hiking up a mountain through a blizzard to this :) Well done!

Paranoidhumanoise responds:

Thanks a bunch! Happy hiking

Woah thank you
I didn't know you had uploaded this track. Pretty damn cool.

Pretty good, you created a nice atmosphere with the track. Loved the sounds and various distortions used as well!

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I recently got to appreciate this aesthetic in person. I hadn't been on an airplane for eight years, and I had almost forgot how beautiful the runway lights, skylines, and lights look in an evening or early morning setting. You captured this beautifully, and it brought a very warm feeling to me, especially returning from the trip.
I love the colors you've used to define the darker areas. The shading is super effective here, it's very smooth and definitely feels true to classic pixel/game artwork. The overall contrast really puts me in an early dawn or dusk setting. I feel like the lights coming from inside the plane may be a bit bright and too uniform for the whole thing. I will say that something about the perspective of the plane and the fuel truck looks a bit off. These are minor things I've only really started to notice after my third time viewing and enjoying this piece though, and to me don't detract at all from how much I enjoy this. Additionally, I love the skyline, those colors are spot-on and the smaller details in the tower lights and planes above really put the cherry on top here.
Fantastic work as always, I look forward to seeing more from you soon!

Very interesting, was this done traditionally or digitally? (or perhaps a combination?) I really like the art style and lifework here. In a way, the textures and coloring give the piece an overall 'manic' feel which really goes well with the Joker. Great work!

With the ink alone, you've created a very immersive image. The sense of depth and contrast really makes this feel life-like. Great work!

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