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Nifty! This was super fun, and definitely captured that quirkiness of classic cartoons very well!

Nice! It's been a while since I've seen a decent stop-motion animation on here. This one was super smooth, with each shot maintaining a satisfying consistency as well. Everything looked and felt pretty natural.

PencilKiller responds:

Yes, that's what I was going for. :)

Lmao this is great. Super smooth animation, witty, and lots of fun! I can't get over Goku's gun that has like five scopes stacked on top. I'd love to see more, especially if it involves delicious condiments.

FloppyFins responds:

Thank you so much! It's an absolute honor coming from you! You've been one of my biggest inspirations over the years.

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Awesome! It's super cool seeing this come to life- tons of awesome and unique entries!

Helmyir responds:

Thanks for taking the time to give 5 stars! It's the best collab

Nice! I definitely enjoy these types of games. I like the concept you have here, and am curious to try it out once you've got the moon upgrade function working! I think it might be cool to be able to zoom out and see the solar system as a whole. Aside from that, the background does seem somewhat plain and still (though I understand not much happens in space) it might still be cool to see some stars twinkle or something :)

IbimsKlausi responds:

Thanks for the great feedback, it helps a lot :).

Spooky. Simplistic and short yet gripping. The art style and sound really added to the atmosphere. Nice!

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This is awesome! Definitely creates a good wall of sound and immerses the listener in an atmospheric and cinematic adventure! I especially like the bass, and the tastefully added chimes and tones. It provokes a brooding sensation, with much mystery behind it. Definitely inspires me...

OrangeFluff responds:

Woah, thank you!
I'm glad you liked it :3

Sinister and gripping. Great sound, and the introductions for each instrument throughout the song were smooth and satisfying. I'd say some parts of the first half seemed to drag a tad, but the explosion that is the second half definitely makes up for it. Great work!

Banana-head responds:

Thanks for the review! Glad you liked!

When the bass kicks in at 12 seconds, holy hell. Feels like I'm caught in the gravitational pull of a massive planet of many times and travels. Really captures the perfect black metal 'feel' and I wholeheartedly agree that the NG Audio Portal could use more of this.

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She always makes the most delicious cookies.

Especially digging the sharp lighting and contrast here- great work!

Fantastic. This hits several notes for me- with the barn, autumn, mountains, everything. The color here is just vibrant enough without being overpowering, but still enough to add an extra sprinkle of magic to the piece overall. I especially like the subtle hints of warmer colors that glow among the blue of the background, like the pink in the sky for example. The textures are spot-on, especially in the grass and the trees. Great work on the depth, too!
How I'd love to live in this artwork..

Sabretooth2611 responds:

Thank you for the kind words, it means so much to me and inspires me a lot :)

Good gritty atmosphere and excellent color palette. Great work!

Smog-71 responds:

Thank u so much!! 💀💀

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