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Love it! Super charming and a lot of fun.

Nice! Animation was smooth and the unique slew of weapons was really fun. Character design and art was good too.

This is a very interesting look back into early Flash animation, but it stands out to me as being of a higher quality than most of the Flash movies I was familiar with back then. Your camera movements and art come out very clean and almost look ahead of their time. I can't give too much credit elsewhere, but I'd definitely be interested to see more.
Edit: Checked out your website and saw that Joe is a fan of jumping through windows, giving this some more context. Definitely post the other episodes here!

Jibberuski responds:

Thanks. I always thought it was good for the time period, though looking back at it, I can see how much better it could be.

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I feel like there was definitely an aesthetic charm to the fact that at its core, this is a very early video game, but there is a heavy weight on the fact that millions of block breaking variants and clones populate the internet. However, there are many opportunities to improve and make this a pretty neat little game. I will say I was curious by the title, and definitely felt relaxed and eager to finish at least a level.
I think the art was good, it definitely had an MSPaint feel to it, but I still felt as though it could be smoother and a little even in places such as the lower grid. I enjoy vaporware imagery and music, so I think it would be cool in future additions to have additional levels with more art, and perhaps soundtracks?
I feel like the physics could use a bit of tweaking, but I think you're on the right path. I feel like considering the content of the game, it could probably go with a few notches down on the speed of the ball.

That's actually pretty cool. I really like this. I love the touch of the ricocheting bullets, and adding a puzzle element to each level is certainly right up my alley.

Fucking hilarious. Excellent sound design.

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Ohai I was just about to message you about these. Thanks again <333333
I love this track so much and it's a regular on at least a few of my playlists.

slipz10 responds:

That means so much more than you think <3 Probably my best work from 2012 thanks to your directions

I really like how many different layers of sound there are in this. The glitchy beats really hook the listener in, and I love how the bass can sometimes pop out for a surprise. I like the strings in the background, and the distortion/echo provides a very immersive listening experience, especially after the 1:30 mark. Thought this was cool enough on my speakers, but I plugged in my headphones for an almost entirely new experience. Great work!!

I like the quirky piano bits, and the drum beat kinda reminds me of something I'd hear in Super Mario 64 or another game from that era. Nice!

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Happy and full of joy. I really like this one! I love the brush strokes and the application of color, especially the blue in his torso and around the darker points of his head. Keep it up!

Oh hey! I remember seeing your other SH works, glad to hear you've been enjoying the series! SH4 is super fun, though it is a bit janky and somewhat awkward on some ends with the controls (some would argue that the controls are part of the horror of Silent Hill.) It changes up the formula a bit, but I'm super eager to see what you come up with for that one.

ANYWAY THIS PIECE! As with the others, I love it. I love how Mary/Maria isn't specifically seen, but her touch is still felt by James in this. I have to ask- one of her sleeves seems to be a bit lighter in color than the other, is one arm meant to be Mary and the other meant to be Maria? Either way, great work with the butterflies and the iconic final save point. Keep it up!

Ruedefaux responds:

Haha SH4 is definitely different but i really like what theyve done with it~ It might be my next favourite in the series (the first is my favourite) because it has a lot of themes I really enjoy working with in my own personal work~ I'm excited to work on it as well.

BUT YES youre correct~ I wanted to show both of the ladies somehow and what they represent to James in a subtle way :D

Thank you!

I love how much utter style and flair this has. The subject itself, the background, the texture, the contrast, all very well done.
also #same

Ruedefaux responds:

thank you~

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