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Nice work. Really digging the boldness and grit of this piece, as well as the wispy line-work. It almost seems "hairy" and definitely adds to a very unnerving feeling. Love it!

The attention to detail here is immaculate, and your work gets better and better with each piece! The animation is fantastic- from the twinkle of distant oncoming headlights, to the cars whizzing by, and especially the way the headlights shine off of the street signs. It was super cool to pause this and look at it frame by frame to see how you pulled off those cars zooming past the viewer. This piece feels very alive and pleasant to look at.

moertel responds:

Thanks so much for your kind words, I appreciate it! I've become a fan of motion blur / smearing and shake effects in animation. They really guide the eye. I'm glad you noticed all the little details, too. ✌️

Great work here. I love how the textures and brushwork give off an almost slimy- slippery feeling.

SourCherryJack responds:

It is, in fact, oooey goooey

"Pigs we get what pigs deserve"
Very nice. I love the colors and style here, and that perspective is on-point, almost hypnotic.

I feel like one of those hands would reach up and pull me under if I took a closer look, idk, seems like a trap. If poking it with a stick were an option, I'd definitely opt for that. Anyway, this is awesome! I love the atmosphere and tension with the stillness and the mist. Great work.

Fantastic. Amazing detail, especially on the scales/tentacles. Great color palette and awesome work with lighting here.

Hypnotic indeed! This one takes me back to a few extremely vivid and colorful journeys through the forest of my own. I love the magical feeling that this gives, and how the environment abides by the ripples almost water-like. Great colors and lighting too! Parts of this piece really bring the warmth of the sun to life, namely over by the mushrooms towards the foreground.

Incredible work. I love the atmosphere and grip that this piece has to offer. Great color palette and contrast work.

I am absolutely in love with everything about this. The colors, the whales, the beauty. Today sucks but seeing this makes me extremely happy. I made it my lock screen for my phone <3

Fantastic. I love the attention to detail in the textures here especially. The highlights are subtle, yet effective and immaculately placed. Love love love love.

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