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Again, fantastic coloring. It's almost poetic how vibrant and warm the colors are in contrast to the subject itself. Great work!

Very interesting. I love the coloring, especially. The way you're able to have the warmer and cooler colors exist in such harmony is admirable.

Knew it! I saw the icon on the front page and I clicked really hoping it was Harry from SH, and it is! Great work! I love the coloring, shading, and the use of barbed wire wrapped around everything. Have fun with SH2, it's probably my all-time favorite video game.

Ruedefaux responds:

Thank you! I feel like I don't see Harry a lot compared to James and Heather. Mind you, I don't have any personal connection to James or Heather just yet since haven't played those ones, SO we will see~ But Harry went through like three dimensions for his daughter, he deserves art >:c

But ahh! Thank you~

Great sense of depth, and good work with the reflections around the cliff edges. Love the lil castle peeking up through in the background too!

Nice! The colors really pop and flow together here. I like the decision to make the birds white, rather than a black silhouette that many (including myself) would probably default to. Brings a different scope to this work.

Very nice, and super immersive! The lighting really brings this piece to life. I can almost put myself in this landscape, feeling the cooler air in the shade, then walking forward to feel the warmth of the sunlight shining through. Not to mention, the land itself is fascinating. My life would be complete if I could find someplace like this, with the ocean, woods, staggering rock enclosures, etc. Great work!

Sabretooth2611 responds:

Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate the time you put into writing those :) It really means a lot to me

Very nice! I love the colors used, and am really really digging the rays of light! The only thing that stands out to me, is that the shining of the light against the snow and water looks a bit too fast, mainly the water. Aside from that, Frisks movements look super smooth and fluid, and I love the personality you gave to Doggo. Keep it up!

Stunning. The spirit of spring and summer thrives here. The soft color palette gives the whole piece an even flow, with just the right amounts of contrast in depth. Great work!

moertel responds:

Thanks so much!

Love this so much. The Thwomp species (?) has always been my favorite enemy type in Mario, or at least one of them. Honestly I feel like a lot of pressure on my back would really sort some things out so I'd like to schedule an appointment for the 29th, preferably after noon.

Great use of negative space, and a mesmerizing color palette as always. The textures are pretty great, and the overall composition of this seems fitting for the mythology.

aki-T144 responds:

Thank you so much, to be honest a lot of my horror images are very experimental. They are mainly greyscale ink washes and colored on procreate.

Nightmares, dreams, and everything between.

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