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When the bass kicks in at 12 seconds, holy hell. Feels like I'm caught in the gravitational pull of a massive planet of many times and travels. Really captures the perfect black metal 'feel' and I wholeheartedly agree that the NG Audio Portal could use more of this.

The heaviness is comparable to the immense pressure of the deep dark depths of the ocean. Fantastic work, I am honored to have played a part in the inspiration for this piece. I love the atmosphere, and hot damn that shredding and bass!

Okay, I really, really, really like this one. So many layers, so well put together. Music words, can't think! I love that droned out piano that you bring in during the second half of the song. I definitely get a "corruption" vibe from this, and immediately pictured some type of boss battle upon pressing play. I like the static/white noise or whatever you'd call it that remains pretty persistent throughout the track, it definitely brings some extra life and suspense to this song.
This is awesome. I may message you about potentially using this in a future animation (I don't have any solid plans quite yet.)

Nice! Epic song, I like how it seems to dance around between a few different genres while still maintaining its own personality and electricity. Great melody, and great structure!

Not bad! I really like the atmosphere and overall mood of this song. The only thing that I would think to suggest would be giving that bass a little bit more life.

Ohai I was just about to message you about these. Thanks again <333333
I love this track so much and it's a regular on at least a few of my playlists.

slipz10 responds:

That means so much more than you think <3 Probably my best work from 2012 thanks to your directions

I really like how many different layers of sound there are in this. The glitchy beats really hook the listener in, and I love how the bass can sometimes pop out for a surprise. I like the strings in the background, and the distortion/echo provides a very immersive listening experience, especially after the 1:30 mark. Thought this was cool enough on my speakers, but I plugged in my headphones for an almost entirely new experience. Great work!!

I like the quirky piano bits, and the drum beat kinda reminds me of something I'd hear in Super Mario 64 or another game from that era. Nice!

As a Gorillaz fan since the very beginning, if someone played this track for me without telling me who it was, I would definitely think that Damon Albarn was on this track. I'd say it sounds like newer Blur rather than Gorillaz, but could see either way.
Anyway, the track is great! The vocals are great, it's catchy, and the overall composition and atmosphere is captivating.

Awesome! Very atmospheric, especially with some good headphones. I really like how while both halves of the song are different in tone, they still keep a good flow and encompass similar emotions. I really like the first jazzy half, and the second, more peaceful half serves as a good answer to it. I also like how you slowed down the tempos at the end of each section. (Forgive my lack of proper musical terminology.) Anyway, good stuff! Thanks for using my painting as the cover! I think that this song is definitely fitting. I'll have to show this song to my friend that I gave the painting to, I'm sure she'd dig it!

shlowmo responds:

When I made the saw your art I thought about how nice it would be to be outdoors. The way the blues and pinks wrap around the sun I thought has a dreamy type feel to it. Thanks for the comment!

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