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I feel like there was definitely an aesthetic charm to the fact that at its core, this is a very early video game, but there is a heavy weight on the fact that millions of block breaking variants and clones populate the internet. However, there are many opportunities to improve and make this a pretty neat little game. I will say I was curious by the title, and definitely felt relaxed and eager to finish at least a level.
I think the art was good, it definitely had an MSPaint feel to it, but I still felt as though it could be smoother and a little even in places such as the lower grid. I enjoy vaporware imagery and music, so I think it would be cool in future additions to have additional levels with more art, and perhaps soundtracks?
I feel like the physics could use a bit of tweaking, but I think you're on the right path. I feel like considering the content of the game, it could probably go with a few notches down on the speed of the ball.

That's actually pretty cool. I really like this. I love the touch of the ricocheting bullets, and adding a puzzle element to each level is certainly right up my alley.

Fucking hilarious. Excellent sound design.

Fucking incredible.

You guys have really outdone yourselves, this game is excellent. Fun, satisfying, great attention to detail and gameplay mechanics. Lovely leveling up system, and as usual, fucking great music. Game of the year?

Fucking great.

These games are always fun, and they never seem too boring or repetitive at all. New features are added, its a whole new scenario, pretty fun with each new game. Great fun.

Heh, that was actually pretty damn fun.

I loved the added bits you've thrown in there, the game is really fucking fun to play, and humorous in its own special way. Great job.


Fucking hilarious. I literally laughed out loud during the "forgot your keys" part. The music was hilarious and so well done. Great game, pretty funny, and I loved the creativity and effort put into the multiple endings and their theme songs.


I caught several of the 1985 Day of the Dead references, loved 'em. It was a fun game really. Got to study the zombies and test things out. Provides hours of interesting gameplay. The music is perfect. Speaking of the music, it was funny to hear Tetris on the Toilet in here, as well as the music that Bub listened to. Overall a nice game, once again, you guys have brought some pretty nice innovation to zombie games as with Road of the Dead.

Not bad, not bad at all.

It's a pretty fun little game. Quick and easy to jump into and overall pretty fun. It was fun to play through it although I probably would have liked to see some sort of scene at the end of him getting on the helicopter, something to kinda end the whole thing. Also, a bigger level area might have been nice, maybe a second floor in the house or something. Other than that, it's afun game.


I honestly didn't think that the barricade-styled games of the previous two installments would translate well into the more open-world style of gameplay you had planned for this one, but holy shit, it did. It's very different, in a good way.

The character customization was a very great addition, and it was done right. The various skills your character can have and earn really add to the add to the game. The gameplay overall is pretty good, usually only somewhat laggy when the flashlight is turned on, but that's not much of a problem. The shove feature was worked in perfectly, as was everything else gameplay-wise. The backgrounds were very highly detailed, as if from real life (or perhaps they were?)

The environment as a whole was very well crafted, with plenty of clever little background attractions good for a nice chuckle. Furthermore, it was also pretty fitting for a zombie-apocalypse scenario.

The emphasis on searching is a very nice feature. Even in normal mode, it's easy to run out of ammunition or health items. It's also realistic in a zombie scenario. The lock-picking feature is also a great addition. The various tasks you can do are nicely added in, as the reward for completing these tasks helps the player's ultimate goal.

Also, the music was pretty good for the most part.

Great game, awesome followup. 10/10

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