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Now this is the content I live for. I've watched this like 40 times at this point.

I coom'd
Animation and art is kinda rough, but fitting. Great facial expressions and motions as well.

Not a bad start, I like the atmosphere that was created. I feel like the wind animation could use some easing up though- it seems a bit jerky and makes it look a lot windier than it probably is. This is mostly apparent when the fire is on the screen, as the fire seems to be burning with little to no interruption from the wind. Keep it up though, like I said, there was a good sense of atmosphere. I liked the overhead views with the shadows of the clouds at the beginning.

HapiToons responds:

Thank you for the advice, I am striving to improve my craft. I'll write these down on my notes, again thank you and have a good day :)

Interesting.. I'm really digging the animation style here, and especially the different perspective shots.

FrankyWish responds:

thank you! i rly had fun with the BGs and camera here

Flawless execution. I found myself heavily involved in the character arcs and transformation as the film went on. I could feel the betrayal, the joy, the anger, and the grief.

Looks epic! Animation is nice and smooth all around. I really liked the bit where Hank finished reloading the other guy's weapon and killed him with it after pushing him down and taking it. Will definitely check this out!

KJtheguyyouknow responds:

The collab is actually going to be released very soon!!! And thanks for the warm compliment <3333 you can expect much from this collab I bet you :DD

Y-You made this on a Nintendo DSi..?
I could have misinterpreted that, but either way, I wanted to comment to say that this was pretty funny. I've taken a liking to this meme as of late, and despite watching hundreds of variations, I do enjoy this one. The facial expressions and body movements were very charismatic and animated pretty well. I liked the pixel style a bit more than I thought I would, too! The lip-syncing was also done very well. Keep it up!

Not half bad, especially for your first Madness flash. There are definitely a few moments that get pretty choppy, and sometimes the recoil on the guns doesn't look quite right (namely the pistol shots.) Despite the fact that the animation has some choppy bits, I actually really like what you're going for with their walk cycles- it's unique and adds some extra 'flair' to the style. Your background in stop-motion is the foundation for this, and clearly you're on the right track, just seems like you need to work through the kinks of the software a little bit and get the hang of it.

Other than that, the trope of random shootups gets old really fast, but I'd be pretty curious to see the idea you mentioned in the description of the animation style changing up once the improbability drive is activated. I had a similar Madness/Clay idea many years back but never brought it to life. I would definitely suggest honing your skills in Flash- you've already got a pretty good head start, and I'd be excited to see more in the future!

I always loved Luigi's voicing in that clip. Everything about this was great. Thank you.

Nice! Had me chuckling, very good voice work, especially Pennywise. Keep it up!

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