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Lmao this is great. I love how chaotic and unpredictable, yet smooth their movements are. Boner points for the AC vent poster. Want.

Lul geez Spadz, give ol Smo' a break! He had a point about the lack of feet, but if it's supposed to be a tribute to Tricky Madness 2, which also lacked feet, then it's passable. It's still something that stands out though. Acknowledging the fact that this is meant to be a "short" and not a full-length feature is also pretty necessary here.
For its value as a short- I loved the sadistic jaw-ripping early on. I think you captured the mood of TM2 pretty well here, and I found the use of older assets (such as the Vcam and some of the graphics) to be quite charming. Perhaps a bit of a nostalgic bias on my part, but what can I say? I just think it's awesome to see you're still around. I'm curious to see how this will play in to future installments. Take care!

smotez responds:

Hey man, glad you enjoyed it and more importantly understood what I was creating. Much love Link.

Lmao holy hell, I had no idea what I was walking into here. Nicely done, especially in the special effects towards the end and the.. uh.. transformation.

Congrats on daily third.
Unfortunately this is a 1-second loop and writing a review for it is already taking longer than the animation itself- which I must stress wasn't bad AT ALL. Butt jiggling was done well, it's kinda funny in a way, and everything is modeled nicely. You clearly know what you're doing.
I see these 1-second loops literally all over the portal, and I can't help but wonder how much greater value they could have if something were actually made out of them- like a short parody cartoon even.

@ everyone else in the reviews: this is why NG is and always will be ultimate.
I'm not a legal expert but this falls under fair use as parody, so it's a baseless strike, really. Anyway, I'll admit that I didn't see this on NG first, but I'm glad it's here. I've been quoting this animation for over a month now. Good shit.

Haha nice. I'm a bit late to the punch, but good stuff! The audio was funny, and I chuckled at the part where he mentions his campaign sponsors. Good visual accompaniment to the audio. Keep it up!

Crazymonkey154 responds:

I agree on the audio being funny, and the sponsors were hard to not use when going for humor. Nice to know you liked it :). More animations will definitely follow! Additional laughs probably will as well.

Not too much to say here, the VHS effects were really really good. The biggest gripe I'd have would be the coloring of the title "BROKEN" at the end where the moon and night sky in the background. Only half of the K is visible and the rest is barely visible. Music is pretty neat though, and this may be something cool to look into. I'll keep my eye out for more.

Lmao I love this. The sound design, backgrounds, animation, everything. The film grain was a nice touch as well.

I must say, the combination of Pink Floyd and Zelda OOT alone is enough to catch my attention. Unfortunately, the use of copyrighted music in this submission may not fly :( Though, the song choice is pretty interesting when you consider different origins/theories of the Shadow Temple being a prison or torture dungeon- the gathering of Hyrule's bloody history of greed and hatred.
I will say that the models weren't half bad, but the darkness was a bit overwhelming. It may have been cool to see some more lighting such as torches or something. The ReDead models were pretty spot on, and I like how Dead-Hand's death animation matched the game's almost perfectly.

Schreckengast responds:

I hope I don't get striked for this, I've searched up and seen other people use copyrighted music before, even a whole song (I understand this doesn't make it okay and copyright needs to be adhered) in addition that this is only a segment of the music. I appreciate your thoughts and input, thanks.

Impressive! Right off the bat, I was hooked on your art style. I love the rectangular stars and space backgrounds specifically. The animation was pretty smooth, and the movements/momentum of the action sequences both made sense and were satisfying to watch. keep it up!

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