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That's awesome link! cheers all around man, especially the bit on the family crisis and using THAT energy to help fuel you into creating GREATER, and MUCH better things for yourself & your life, that's really aspiring to hear x) it's also fucking awesome to hear that you'd do commentary tracks for the other dusk, day, dawn and overtime! i can't wait to hear those! that sounds like a really fun idea, the 4 hour painting video idea sounds great too, any type of IN PERSON or behind the scenes type of stuff is all great fun, can't wait to see it all and take care ;D

Thanks mate! The video itself won't be four hours, as I'll be cutting it down to more of a "montage" type video hopefully not longer than around five minutes. On that note, I'll probably be streaming a lot more often once things settle down. Thanks for the support :D

We missed you bro!
Glad you're back mate, hope the whole family situation gets better.
Ps: I loved DotM as a whole, I legit screamed when I found out that Overtime got released.

good luck on ya life fam,and stay sober

Nice art:)

Ask around the forums for the Patreon tips.I think Seth uses it often so maybe him?Defintively tho show case your work on patreon and add some short clips of your flashes on it.

I loved your movie mate, seeing the sequel after so many years brought back a lot of nostalgia for me (DotM and CS:S zombie mod).

Congrats on your sobriety as well, I'm happy you are taking care of yourself and prioritizing what is best for yourself. If you were to make other animations expanding into the lore that would be awesome, but I wouldn't blame you if this was the end of the series.

Video games are a good thing to spend time on, especially as a way to relax after finishing huge projects. Eager to see whatever projects follow from you.

As for family issues, it sucks that those resurfaced, but at least you have a place to get away from all of that and know how to turn bad feelings into productive ones.

ahoy Ahmed!it's me Laimer!

they know what they did