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Working Overtime...

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - May 1st, 2019

Oh the joys of technical difficulties.. I hate to sound like a broken record, but unfortunately I have nothing but some very small, secret things to report on regarding the legendary Dusk of the Madness: Overtime. I have re-written parts of the story. This won’t be involving a whole lot of re-animating or backtracking, but it’ll make the second half of this animation a lot more insane, and I think y’all will love it. I will be going through and turning up the gore by 20x, so that’s also something to look forward to. Also, I’m guessing that the total length for this will be around twenty minutes. I’ll also be working very closely with some friends on some original music for this animation. So what’s the holdup, exactly, and when are we expecting to see this..?

Aside from the usual life and job nonsense, I’ve unfortunately run into some technical issues with my version of Flash (CS6, specifically difficulty importing sounds..) but I’m looking to resolve this ASAP. As far as when... well, the perfect vision takes time to make, and perfect vision is typically regarded as 20/20..

I am endlessly grateful for the never-ending support and patience through ALL these years. There have been rumors of my death, the project’s cancellation, etc. While I may be dead in some ways, the project is absolutely NOT cancelled. (Just shelved and a bit dusty.) In other news, I may be taking a short break from painting once I finish up these last few projects to focus on animating. You can expect SOMETHING from me this coming Madness Day, so keep a look out for announcements and screenshots and whatever else I may throw out there.

As always, thank you for the patience over all of these years, and I promise..




Comments (26)

i have been waiting over a decade ago but im really happy that madness overtime project is still alive :)

Wouldn't be a true zombie film if it hadn't died and been resurrected ;)

It's amazing to me that such a legendary old-school madness animator is still working on his series. People just haven't been doing what you did; what was done back then. Every madness toon is just action now, we seem to have forgotten the creative parodies, stories, etc. Of course, some of them were shitty, but there were some real gems. Can't wait for the secret Madness Day project.

D’aw shucks, well thank you! I’m honestly just really pleased to see that folks are still making Madness tributes to begin with. I was kinda hoping that Overtime would still be relevant whenever it was finally finished :P

The rumors about death?despite posting ya post every once is a while?someone need to do some homework.
Also the length,damn,this "will go down in history" as one of the most awaited madness stuff aside from MC11,also gore improving,i wonder do some part of cell inspired ya to do it,or ya think it not good enough despite it scare the living shit of 10 year olds me when i first watch it?either way,naise
The sounds,i think it best for ya to add sounds in some different program than flash cs6,it not that good for importing sounds(flash 8 is very good on this one).

Haha, most of those comments come from my YouTube page- which is understandable since I haven't posted a video on there in ages. I’ve been thinking forward about Overtime for a few weeks now, but Cellfication was definitely a catalyst in the re-emergence of inspiration. I think I may end up adding the sound in later like you suggested, since I’m going to have to look into non-.swf formatting anyway when I do finally release it.

dusk of the madness overtime will be finish in madness day 2019

Not quite, unfortunately. I said that I’ll have SOMETHING this Madness Day, but that the perfect vision for Overtime takes time to make. Perfect eye-vision is typically regarded as 20/20, so I’m shooting for 2020- a solid decade after Dusk.

oh well continue on your working in progress of dusk of the madness overtime on madness day 2019

@thece @Littleluckylink try swivel for turning swf to mp4,been using it since im too lazy to use the play button(ya might already using it tho)

I suppose I'll have to be alive for the next 2 years.
Even if I have to wait, I'm sure that the new gore and the rewritten parts will be worth it, I just can not wait to see what happened to the motorcyclists, Connor and Veronica although, to be honest, I look forward to seeing the infected in action
Is there anything else you can tell us to put more hype?
By the way, I hope you have not lost practice in making me nervous and scared.

Hype: We’ll be exploring the depths of the labs and testing centers, which is sure to house some rather ghastly ghouls with abilities we haven’t seen before..
- Ammunition is running low for our heroes, so they’re going to have to get a little creative when it comes to defending but themselves.

20 min long
thats some hard work right there

20 minutes? That's ambitious!

That's what it's looking like! I may need to export this bad boy on a different computer when the time comes lol

Have at it; LINK. This years ' madness day too huh? damn that's some great timing! ;D can't wait for it man, keep on hustlin.

It'll be nifty :D

Don't worry. As long as you post an update every once in a while, take your time. most of us are still here. Just don't put too much pressure on your self. It will get finished when you feel it's ready. but 20/20 does sound pretty good not gonna lie :P

It's gonna be fun revving up that hype train for the next year and a half lol. Pushing myself toward a deadline and not taking my time is the whole reason I decided to make this animation in the first place. It wouldn't have existed if I did what I intended to do with the ending of Dusk of the Madness, and I'm not going to make that same mistake. There won't be a "Dusk of the Madness Overtime 2: Overtime Overtime" or anything like that lmao


@Littleluckylink Any opinions on Days Gone?

Nah, I don’t really game a lot these days, but when I do, it’s typically older games. For example, I just bought a PS2 to re-live some old memories, much cheaper than buying one of the newer consoles.
I did, however, see a funny video about various Days Gone glitches, and I can’t say I’m too surprised since it doesn’t seem like anyone releases complete video games anymore.

if you need a fresh copy of cs6 i still have the setup on mediafire

take your time dude, as much as the krinkels, pico, xionic madness, other random animation that i forgot their names too xd, you are part of my childhood, and i really loved the work you did with the madness zombies, i just hope this series would have an ending we could all be agreed, if i can take part of the opinions, perhaps you should let live the motorciclysts, i mean they are assholes, but well its the end of the world there is nothing else to do neither xd, of course make them suffer.
anyway, thank you for making us know that you are still alive in the newgrounds community many people quitted years before and they were talented, it a shame not to know how are they :c, or couldnt continue because of health problems (still miss the chainsaw kid creator). just hope you do the right thing.
goodbye, mate.

Thanks man! It’s great to see support after so many years. The bikers will definitely have a lot of action in Overtime ;)

some people say that connor might be still alive and i really dont think that unless he comes back Like a living dead also for the treailer i have a theory for the treailer Carly sees how the infection started and i know how she had went to the security camera room if there is one? also hope she will be rescued by a chopper i dont want the last survivor to die also will veronica and connor come back as zombies?

We’ll definitely be reuniting with the cast from Dusk- as far as what kind of shape they’ll be in- well, let’s just say that they’ve seen better days. I don’t want to give away too many details ^_^

seems legit that you dont tell me details because that would make a lot of spoilers anyways in day of the madness did you inspire for day of the dead because there is captain rhodes and i think he had a wife because i read what he wrote on the walls and he said i promis i'll come back

Very happy to hear you're still working on that toon! Your zombie-animations really inspired me as a young kid, so I'm super excited to see what this project will look like in its finished state. I've been doing some filmmaking and working on sound design the past couple of months for practice, and I'm looking to eventually (hopefully sooner than later) make my own Madness cartoon. It's great to keep yourself occupied creatively. I live off it more or less, haha.

By the way, if you need any help with making your project come to life with editing and sound work, I'd be more than happy to help you! I'm guessing it's going to take a while until you're in the editing phase for this cartoon, so I'll have had plently of time to practice more, haha. Just hit me up if you need a hand!

Thanks! I'm sure the exporting/finalizing process will be interesting, I'll let you know!

come on man dusk of the madness overtime will be upload and complete on madness day 2019


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