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DotM: Overtime aftermath & thank you!

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - 1 month ago

As I'm sure many are aware, I finally released Dusk of the Madness: Overtime after eight long years in development!

I'm still in a state of shock after winning first place for the animation category in this years' Madness Day contest, and coupled with the overwhelming positive response, I'm absolutely thrilled. I could have never guessed that my series would be so impactful to people, and that it was a part of their childhood/adolescence just as it was mine. It's been incredible seeing people come back after so many years to leave comments, and I'm still trying to catch up on reading them!

Madness Day 2020 was absolutely epic, and there were a lot of great submissions this year! I want to extend that thanks to the Madness Community at large, and all of those awesome artists/animators/musicians keeping the blood flowing after all these years. I'm glad I was able to participate this year and spend the day viewing some of those great submissions.

It definitely feels surreal and somewhat dream-like to have finally released that big behemoth. I had a lot of fun working on it, and my brain is already firing off new ideas and things to do- which brings me to the elephant in the room, the question of "what's next?" I'm back at work now, so that's gonna be taking up a good chunk of time, but I've got a few paintings I'm going to be putting finishing touches on and uploading very soon, hopefully within this next month. Don't put a gun to my head, but I might participate in Inktober or whatever we're calling it these days. It's something I've always wanted to do but have skipped out on. Finding a groove in productivity and the discipline to see projects through by cracking down on Overtime are skills I hope to transfer to other parts of my life.

Anyway, I really enjoyed animating again, and am seriously itching to get back into it regularly. I'm juggling a few ideas around for blending traditional art and animation that I think would look absolutely sick if pulled off correctly. I don't have any specific or hard plans for moar Madness, but it seems like those ideas of prequels are something people seem interested in, so stay tuned for more info on that! I wanted to do a heavier overhaul of DotM: OT's art style, but didn't make too many changes overall as to try to keep consistent with what I had started in 2012. This may be something to look forward to in the future!

Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you all so much. I'm still reading through my comments/messages so sorry if I haven't gotten back to you directly. <3333333333



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Great to see you have passion to do more animation! Blending traditional art with animation sounds promising! Would love to see what you do with that. Also, a larger overhaul to DotM: OT's style? I really loved the hands you did for Overtime (and feet?) so I am curious to see what else you change. Take your time with your job and all that, and excited to see your future work! But yeah, those prequel ideas, especially the island one, sounds exciting!

You deserve every last bit of the praise you've gotten this year.
Keep being awesome, man.

The pleasure is all ours. You did an astounding amount of work, and your victory is just and well-deserved.

congrat on being first place fam,ya deserve that,tho take some rest,and hope that ya dont over work yaself too much from this lol

Congratulations on winning the first place! What you have to do now is take a good rest!

you deserve it

U fully deserve it. With few other Mad guys we decided together, that this was the best Madness animation throughout the whole history. Seriously better than those new crappy repetitve Hollywood zombie movies. Here we have you and Overtime - cinematic animation as never ever. Good luck.

Thank you so much for reaching out to everyone and reading those comments, you really deserve all the good feedback and attention coming your way! Keep up the good work, but please, make sure you enjoy yourself and don't burn out! Hope you're staying in good health!
Thank you again for all these amazing memories, man. You brought us all way back and that's something you can't appriciate enough in these trying days! <3

Winning first prize among Madness Day animations this year was fully deserved. I hear you on how the experience "feels surreal and somewhat dream-like" when in April 2017 it initially was a huge moment for me to finally complete and submit Madness Hunt 3 after over 6 years of working on that (which got massively delayed from countless sidetracks). Definitely felt like a weight had been lifted once that was uploaded. The urge or "itch" to animate more came back quicker than I expected, leading to my production and posting of "Explaining Hank" later that month, then I took a hiatus until the following June from animation. Not sure how much time you'll take off or if any prequels will be made, but I'll be sure to check out whatever follows. I also fully agree that we had an epic Madness Day this year.

You've more then definitely deserved it man, it warms my heart to finally see someone whose struggled with pretty much everything life has thrown at them but STILL managed to come out on top and not only just to win, but just to conquer lifes ' bullshit and say FUCK THAT noise and finally just pull through on your promises and get the work done, it's extremely admirable and alot of the pain and suffering you were going through during production i can sincerely vibe with because i'm still going through it WHILE working on things myself, and needless to say it's hard is... not even close to giving it enough credit heh, but i'm sincerely glad you pulled this off and it turned out as awesome as you said it would be man, bravo, take it easy, chill with work, and let the stress subside x)

eeehhh Facha :D te debo un Asado %100 Argentino eso y más (Por La animación de primera que hiciste :D!!!) Ya lo dije en un comentario de tu vídeo de DotM:OT que publicaste en Youtube y aquí en Newgrounds "Me Completaste la infancia :"D Total Nostalgia de verdad valió cada maldito segundo de estos largos 8 años" Me emocione cuando dijiste que tratarías de continuar con la animación en forma de precuela :"D solo te quería decir que te tomes tu tiempo para hacer el trabajo y que no te estreces.
Un Saludo desde Argentina y Cuídate "LLL".

me olvide agregar:QUE MUY BIEN MERECIDO TU 1°Puesto Seguí Así pibe y suerte :D

I am sure I speak for everyone when I saw we are happy you got to achieve greatly with Overtime. Thank you for being one of the very little in my life that would continue their project even 8 years later. I hope Nisekoi would do the same faster, but for now, you have my many thanks and appreciation, AND respect. I will keep myself updated for any content you plan on creating and uploading :)

Also, nicee rain animationssss haha.

Thank you! It was definitely a bit of a challenge with those weather effects, but it was super fun and satisfying seeing it come to life.

DOTM OVERTIME will always remain in our hearts)

Happy 26th birthday LLL!

Thank you!