Day of the Madness info

2009-08-06 21:40:02 by Littleluckylink

Just finished another scene, raising the movie's completion up to 80%. Most of the remaining 20% being a huge fucking fight scene so that's something to look forward to.
The movie is looking nice, better than Dawn of the Madness in lighting, camera movements, overall animation, and art. I've also attempted to make it somewhat scary (in other words scare the hell out of those people who actually found Dawn to be scary). Also, there's much more violence.
The movie is turning out to be around the same length of Dawn, and will probably be just a bit longer upon release. I should be finishing around the same time I did last year. My goal for the rest of the summer is to at least finish another scene and be somewhat into the final scene. But I'm gonna need to work, and if that means limiting my NG time, than so be it. Speaking of which, for anyone who happens to have me on Xbox Live, don't expect me to come on until late September. Of all distractions, I find Live to be the worst.
Hey speaking of Live, if I am the luckiest fuck on the Earth, I may be submitting two movies on Madness Day. The other one being h0w 2 anim8 maddnes 2. h2am2 will surely run well with some of the submissions we might be receiving on Madness Day. Then again, after finishing Day, I'm going to be fucking out of animating juice and crash for about a few months before even looking at the Flash.exe icon on my desktop. So maybe and maybe not.

P.S. Yeah yeah Madness unoriginal, stop doing it, blah blah blah. I've got a tablet on my Christmas list which will likely be the solution to the issues I have whenever I attempt to make an original movie.
Perhaps you can expect a movie from me and my good bud Delta66 sometime in the future.

Alright I'm going to work for the last 3 weeks I have before I become a freshmen.

Let's see where this takes us..
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2009-08-06 22:00:24

Heh, I found Dawn of the Madness kinda scary, I'm in for one when this comes out... :P

Littleluckylink responds:

alrighty then


2009-08-06 22:06:22

I have NEVER seen a frightening animation in my entire life, so if you can pull this off, then WOW.

Littleluckylink responds:

I honestly don't plan to. It's not frightening in my opinion, it's just a tad suspenseful. Alot of people who watched Dawn and called it scary must be new to the horrror genre.


2009-08-07 14:42:20

FUCK U!!!!!!!!! :)

Littleluckylink responds:



2009-08-07 17:09:55

Ooh, huge fight scene :)

Littleluckylink responds:

waaay waaay bigger than Nick's little rampage with the knives in Dawn


2009-08-07 18:38:39

oh boy, h0w 2 anim8 madDnes 2, I CANĀ“T WAIT for more of your stuffs

Littleluckylink responds:



2009-08-08 10:57:52

yooo maek samwhechez sayed :(

Littleluckylink responds:

well shit


2009-08-08 17:12:56

bigger than nicks knife scene? oh gr8!

l00king f0rward 2 s331ng h0w 2 anim8 2! 1t w1ll r3ly h3lp incr3as3 ma1 ski1llz!1

Littleluckylink responds:

oh yeah yo


2009-08-08 21:40:58

tablet doesn't make you a better artist

Littleluckylink responds:

So, you're saying that drawing with a mouse is NO different than a pen and paper? Well that sure does explain why I can draw so much better with a mouse than I would ever even DREAM of being able to draw with a pen and paper.


2009-08-09 17:28:43

wow 80%? you did that fast, cant wait

Littleluckylink responds:

Surprising on my part too, even with all the laziness that's taken place this summer I'm still flowing through that movie. It should be finished soon.
lol either way it's coming out September 22 so


2009-08-10 17:16:37

you work waaay faster then mr oreo47 who still working on aw 2 for 2 freaken years!

Littleluckylink responds:

he's probably older and has a job


2009-08-10 18:27:45

day of the madness will be out on madness day... funny


2009-08-11 12:40:30

Looking forward to what you do with your tablet.

Littleluckylink responds:

Yeah, I swear this damn twitchy mouse is so hard to draw with. Any non-Madness cartoon i try to do ends up looking terrible.


2009-08-11 15:45:49

sweet cant wait


2009-08-15 22:01:36

Ok it.


2009-09-24 12:10:35

Ahh Dawn Of The Madness, fucking cool.
DAY of the madness, FUCKING AMAZING!
DUSK? Lovely :D

Btw, I think there was alooot of characters to keep track of in Day lol, but nevertheless, there has to be survivors to a zombie rampage ofc :)
The black guy with the golden deagles should of lived >:(
last thing, justin should of PWNED that freacking shark blud 8)