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I don't want this to be taken the wrong way

2012-08-23 06:11:01 by Littleluckylink

This is not a post that will determine a release date, it's simply one I pondered posting about for a while, and feel the need to at least get it out there just in case things don't go as desired.

Madness day is coming up, and so is something else, the first day back in school. Yes, I'll be a senior this year. I'll have to do a bunch of shit that I haven't done because of whatever the hell, so yeah. Now that being said, I'm not exactly sure how my schedule will be for this first month or so before Madness Day. I'm hoping the teachers don't go psychotic with homework this year. Last year was fine, but I'll probably end up switching out of a class or two if that happens (not only for the sake of animation, but also for the sake of not fucking drowning.)

Okay, I've kinda rambled off a bit, but the basic point I'm trying to get at is, if the movie doesn't end up coming out on Madness Day, I request everyone calm down and just wait a little bit longer. I'm at a pretty decent point in the movie, about 70% done. One thing worth noting though, is that this movie is going to be about 15 minutes. In fact, I've already got about 9-10 minutes done. I've got a scene coming up, the super duper climax, and then epilogue. Doesn't seem like too much, but there are tons of small details and shit that I've had so much fun polishing up.

I will try my best to get it out on Madness Day. However, I have to acknowledge that the only reason this movie exists is because I rushed the ending to Dusk of the Madness. The final 3 minutes or so was animated in a spree of about 36 constant hours animating like a day before the release. I really, really don't want to do that. I want this movie to tie things up nicely so I don't end up fucking doing this shit again. If I don't meet the deadline, well, that's because the movie is great.

Now to kinda promote the thing its self. What can I say? It's violent, the story is fun and interesting, we learn a lot more about the labs themselves, we learn about the true fates of all of the characters, it's violent, the movie features some menacing new zombies, it's violent, and it's got maggots and shit or something.

Also, the music featured in the movie is almost actually completely original- many of the tracks being done by some great friends of mine, Delta, and Slipz. (Slipz took on a different style for my movie, but definitely check out his audio on his channel right there.)

Uh what else..

Oh, screenshot.

I don't want this to be taken the wrong way


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2012-08-23 07:23:26

Ewww! I can't eat rice today.


2012-08-23 08:20:21

I really, really, look forward to it.


2012-08-23 08:42:36

Awesome. Technically I'm a freshman at my high school and it's been at least 3 weeks (almost going to 4). but i'm as excited as ever to wait for your new movie and back-to-back posts in the near future. Also I currently an disgusted by the screenshot because i'm gunna have nightmares thinking about bugs and shit. nevertheless, I'm excited and hope to see the "madness day 2012" animations (yours included) and other things too. Goodluck 2 u at high school, and try not to screw w/ the freshman!!!

Littleluckylink responds:


also thanks, generally i steer clear of any freshmen, but I'm only rude to those who deserve it, no bias here


2012-08-23 08:59:02


Littleluckylink responds:

show me your war face


2012-08-23 10:51:48

Wow! It is awesome! And I really, really, look forward to it.


2012-08-23 11:24:35

slipz still alive?

Littleluckylink responds:

Yeah, he's gotten really good with his music. He doesn't post much on NG anymore though, but we might be expecting a new movie from him pretty soon.


2012-08-23 12:18:13

I do not care how much time I have to wait to see the end.


2012-08-23 13:01:39

I have enough patience, but i have not enough time, the pressure from my Damn school...


2012-08-23 14:28:17

It'll be done when it's done, and I can't wait to see it!

Littleluckylink responds:

D'aw shucks, thanks Mister K.


2012-08-23 20:46:02

krinkelz guess wat......SHAZAM!! also the movie iz gonna be great nick must go on pls let there b more of the antidote...AND its gonna b fucking awsomes


2012-08-24 04:13:59

is that the doc from previous episode ?

Littleluckylink responds:

His glasses were different. They're in the labs, so there are going to be a lot of zombies in lab coats.


2012-08-24 07:46:30

Sexy. I like how his glasses remained unscathed somehow, lmao


2012-08-27 19:51:10

Say, did you ever consider Survival of the Madness as the name for one of your movies? The title comes from the sixth Living Dead movie, Survival of the Dead.

Littleluckylink responds:

That'd be too direct since Survival isn't as commonly known.


2012-08-29 05:24:20

Hey how's it going man? Listen, as far as it goes, I've made terrible shit that caused offense on you and our fellow Bullshitters. Let's take a close look-back last 3 years or probably 2. I was 10-11 that time alright? I didn't exactly knew what I was doing back then. But this time, I'm taking a few tutorials on animation and shit because I need a presentation for a school project. Back to the topic.... as your *insert anything you can call me cuz I accept it* will you accept my apology?

Comment fo Overtime :
So this will be the last of your madness series huh? I except, your effort will be pushed over the limit and improve any shit that may caused your audience's eyes to break. (Refer to God of War 3)
I know your post's comments are getting few and people these days don't dig shit from people like you unless it's madness or pure entertainment (KIDS THESE DAYS). It can be annoying, yes.

Here are a few things that you should consider cautious during animation: (References from the past ones)

Dawn of the Madness - Color is too dark, Plot is very confusing.
Day of the Madness - Colors are way tooooo light.
Dusk of the Madness - Ending is $%^&**&^%

But anyways, here's my comment, I will except much from you since you are my favorite ...so yeah.

Also, your non-madness animations cracked me and my friends up, keep up the good work Link!

P.S Don't mind those Ignorant Bastards who tried unsubscribing because you quit madness.

Littleluckylink responds:

Thank you, and I've never really had any hard feelings towards you at all.

However, your analysis with my series is something I do disagree with. I highly disagree that Dawn's plot was too confusing. Hell, it was the most simple out of the four really (being the person who created them I can say this.) Not sure if I agree on the colors thing either, I found them too basic. In Day, the colors were actually pretty dark except for the outside scenes. But I do agree that I should have desaturated them a lot.

Also I hope you're not just one of those people who dislike the ending of Dusk because Nick died. There's tons of significance as to why Nick died, and it never really was his story to begin with, it was the story of the group in general. He was put a lot of focus on because I found his story to be the saddest.


2012-08-30 07:42:20

Dusk ending wasn't that bad. To be honest, I kinda liked it. The cautions that I gave you weren't actually reviews or comments. It was actually some sort of thing that the fans hated towards my opinion. I haven't got any problems in your animations though. I even showed Dawn, Day, and Dusk to some of my friends and in the end, they enjoyed it. Ever since I announced to them that you we're gonna make overtime, they kinda like got excited. It's a good thing even, that I have friends whom care about Newgrounds Artists animations. Unlike my other friends, who treats animators like shit and don't care bout them (You should know much Filipinos don't dig animations though). But never mind them man. You've got a lot of fans out there, and they're waiting to see the final part that you're gonna make.

3 A's before I finish here.

Also, did you include Nick in Overtime? Or just a dead body of Nick?
Also, Sorry for inactivity in Constipated Bull, like delta66, I kinda like got addicted to (not xbox) PS3.
Also, should there be a firebombing in the ending? (like the presidents still alive)

Littleluckylink responds:

Hmm that's actually pretty cool lmao.

Hmm, the questions you asked are very plot specific and would spoil too much if I really revealed too much detail. I will say this though: You can only be cured before the transformation into a zombie has taken place (indicated by the jaw popping and blood things going on.) After the transformation, the victim is usually alive for only seconds afterward before coming back to life.

Also that isn't the ending I'm going for.


2012-08-30 09:39:43

i eXpect a Br!3f @pP3r@nCe Ov M3 on a snack or shit box. or Cumeo. Why the fuck am I even saying this.


2012-08-31 04:34:55

I'm FrankWest.

Littleluckylink responds:

oh nifty



2012-08-31 08:28:19

I'm gonna troll ya using the tactics of that guy from your older posts...

Can you add me on skype? :3

Littleluckylink responds:

a f32


2012-09-01 07:02:55

Rice must have killed the motherfucker eh?
I'm adding this one to my combo card.

Littleluckylink responds:



2012-09-01 07:04:16

Hey, do you think we'll be able to make all the four animations into a straight movie?

Littleluckylink responds:

that'll be a fun export oh boy



2012-09-01 10:42:17

what can we expect from you to this madness day?

Littleluckylink responds:

as mentioned in the news post hopefully overtime

if not, then a trailer for it because i'm shit


2012-09-02 20:54:42

Questions. Please answer them all.
1. How could you pick up after Dusk left off... Its more of a rush ending, than a cliffhanger, right?
2.Any specific reasons there are white lines all over the body?
3. Are we going to learn more about how the virus or outbreak started?

Littleluckylink responds:

Well the ending was rushed. I had intended for there to be a much more in-depth scene that gave a proper conclusion. If you don't know what I mean by this, well, watch Dusk, and at the scene after Karlie is bitten, when Connor is telling everyone to hurry up, take a look at what is sitting on the roof of the labs.

Those are maggots- it'll look better when you see them squirming around in the actual animation.

Yes, it will be revealed both through the introduction and several posters and scenery around the labs.


2012-09-04 16:45:20


Littleluckylink responds:


its all marlynenly mansoeins Fautlm,!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2012-09-05 03:31:58

HLY SIT ANODER MUVI?????????????????????

Also, is 2nd-year HS considered freshman year?

Littleluckylink responds:

first: freshmen
second: sophomore
third: junior
fourth: senior


2012-09-05 03:32:45

What is wrong with this fucking comp. I like,lag a lot and tend to double-post....

Littleluckylink responds:

j j


2012-09-06 11:58:12

Whether this makes MD2012, best of luck pal. I can speak from experience that senior year is a year that, for better or for worse, you will not forget. As for me, I just started college last week. They haven't been too brutal yet. Hope it doesn't get out of hand too soon.....