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Not too certain where I am at this point.

2013-06-25 05:46:31 by Littleluckylink

Hello. I've kinda neglected posting here mainly because I'm trying to avoid answering that one question I frequently receive in comments, reviews, and private messages. That question being "When is Overtime coming out?"

Honestly at this point I really can't say. No, I haven't been working on it, nor even really touched it for months. That was a bad mistake on my part. That movie is pretty huge and extensive, and it's been quite some time since I've been mentally capable of creating a satisfying animation. I'd have to re-read all of my old scripts, scene descriptions, and take a look back at all the concept art as well as the main influences and inspiration for the movie to properly reconfigure myself to take on such a challenge. But some skepticism comes even with that. While I am finished with a good chunk of the movie, some pretty heavy scenes toward the end of the movie that I have planned out might end up taking a bit of a toll on my computer. Many things need to happen for that to start coming again.

I realize it's been a year since I've worked on it. Here we are in summer again. But this isn't exactly my typical summer. For one thing, I've graduated from high school. But otherwise, well, I won't go into detail, but let's just say an urgency for me to drown myself in work has suddenly come up. It's not my choice, nor is it even really urgent since financially the household is doing pretty well. Certain people don't take my interest in pursuing a career in art too seriously. I don't know, I kinda figured maybe I'd get a part-time job I'm happy with for now, sort out college shit, and perhaps at the end of the day still have time to be able to cool off and do a bit of art? I mean, there's no urgency for me to get a job, we're not starving, we're not dying. We have it pretty well off, and despite the opinions of certain people, I'm not wasting such a privilege by simply "laying around the house doing nothing." I do realize many people have it worse off than I do. I'm not a wasteful person at all, especially when it comes to time. These are such things I feel as though I shouldn't have to explain to people who should know me. Anyway it's basically come down to immersing myself in some random shitty job or, eventually, ending up homeless.

You'd think the mistakes and the missed opportunities one experienced in their lifetime would serve as a constructive learning experience with knowledge gained to save someone else from such ultimate fates, rather than serve as a fucking template to fuck them and their dreams over.

Well, there's me ranting.

Anyway, as usual, I keep painting. I recently sold one of my paintings, entered one into a contest (we'll see how that one goes) and one was featured in Jazza's Art Showcase.


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Littleluckylink responds:

the collab: the game: the scene creator,....
episode 3


2013-06-25 07:40:21

Your life does not interest me... I want to see results... Animation is what all interested. You are a good animator but if you decided to get something better than the animation, please skip the sorrows and the next time you just write that you do not have time for animation or prosecute finish the project on Madness Day...

Littleluckylink responds:

I'm going to excuse the general cuntiness of your comment to simply point out that I have been telling people that I don't have the time for nearly a fucking year, but people haven't really seemed to get the message. I planned on trying to get some work done on it now and told a few that I was going to, but as I wrote above, things changed.

It's not exactly my top priority at this point and your comment alone single-handedly dropped it down a few more notches.


2013-06-25 10:37:48

I din't know you and i readed this only because it was on the frontpage, but im with you. do what is better and sorry for my crappy english.

Good luck!


2013-06-25 14:54:10

Well, looks like you wont have enough time to finish it. Yet, you could have said that before that you stop the project because of more important stuff, people maybe would understand but telling it after months doesn't make any sense so sorry, don't be suprised that people keep asking that question to you because you didn't say that before.

Littleluckylink responds:

I did say that before. I've said it in like every single NG blog I've made and I've said it countless times in private messages and review responses.


2013-06-25 15:12:14

Well, people are not very patient, I personally think that if you keep working on that for a loong time and non-stopping, you will end up not enjoying it anymore and in the end that is what this is all about, so we will end up with a movie that the autor did not like working on and that will be awful


2013-06-25 19:57:35

It seems many people on here don't understand the mental strain that comes with big projects like your own. These aren't simple 30 second cock joke cartoons that can be put together in a week. They are complete stories that pay homage to various films. It is a process that takes a great deal of planning and an even greater deal of preparatory state of mind. With that kind of work comes a lot of unforeseen obstacles, no matter how organized you are.

Not to mention you are doing this on your own time, no payment involved. It is strictly for the fans. If those fans want to complain about it not getting done in a timely fashion, maybe they should pay you for the time/effort it would take to get it done? Of course they would refuse, in which case they can stop whining and go get fucked.

Good luck, whatever you end up doing.


2013-06-25 20:39:02

@djjanner : Are you fucking serious dude?? That has to be one of the most seriously asshole, disrespectful posts I've ever seen here on Newgrounds, and that's a big bar to match. What the fuck man. You're a dick.

The newgrounds news space is for the member to post whatever the hell he needs to, be it his own life, OR info about his animations, and if it doesn't interest you then you're completely free to, oh I dunno... NOT READ IT, instead of wasting your time reading it and making a ass of yourself. Fuck off man. Everyone has rough points in life. Don't act like he's nothing but a slave of animation. My guess is you've never experienced truly hard times in life like some people have.


2013-06-26 06:03:11

Take a step back and look at what you really 'want'. Who do you want to be. Are you happy?


2013-06-26 14:47:16

I thought your imagination could handle the script and scenes. Otherwise writing some stuff down or drawing some rough concept arts helps you remember any parts you forgot later.


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2013-06-28 00:01:00

I can really relate to this. I'm in my first summer post graduation, got stuff to handle I've been procrastinating on, including a very sizable personal project, albeit in the field of a game mod vs an animation. I often can go months worth of time without touching said projects more than a line of code here and there, and when I do work on things its usually in a bout of mania vs my casual depressive state. Lately things have been looking up for a change, but I got more school coming up in college form, and I'm sure that'll annihilate my freetime and will, and during this gap of time I can't help but feel I'm a useless blob for spending so much time in the virtual world instead of focusing on getting a license, or checking on school supplies to finally fucking update, or get a job. But I want to grow and expand my responsibilities anyways, even if it's at a slow pace.

Dare to dream, vow to never take a step back. One foot in front of the other, my friend.


2013-06-28 01:11:07

i hope your art sells well.


2013-06-29 22:40:30

it seems he has yet to reply to anyone again after that comment Djjaner.


2013-11-28 00:30:47

Don't worry man you can do it. just take your time we can all wait right guys?
P.S. keep up the good work dude.