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I won second place in Serj Tankian's ORCA art contest

2013-07-09 20:43:51 by Littleluckylink

My painting Nihilismus Orcinus, created for Serj Tankian's (widely known for being the lead singer of System of a Down) Orca Symphony art contest won second place! The prize being a pair of fancy UE 600 Headphones (worth $120!) and a signed CD copy of his Orca Symphony! But the real prize was being recognized by such a talented man, and reading what he had to say about my entry;

"This piece makes me think of the starry night and the accompanying poem makes it a powerful multi-sensory artwork."

I won second place in Serj Tankian's ORCA art contest


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2013-07-09 21:10:57

motherfucking MOMAS.

Littleluckylink responds:



2013-07-09 21:13:41

that's awesome man, and this is definately a real piece of art...it's beautiful, here you have such a contrast of colors and a blend of emotions just...wow. Absolutely beautiful, good work.

Littleluckylink responds:

Thank you very much my good sir.


2013-07-09 21:14:17

That's so awesome man, congrats! Serj Tankian is definitely one of my favorite singers. :p

Littleluckylink responds:

Yeah, he's got a pretty wide spectrum of styles and I love it.


2013-07-09 21:57:54

Awesome painting, would look completely at home inside one of his album booklets. :)

Littleluckylink responds:

Oh man that'd be awesome. Thanks mayne!


2013-07-09 22:00:21

The lunar figures remind me of a Ouija board. Congrats on the recognition of your abilities!!

Littleluckylink responds:

Heh, yep, that's where the design is taken from. Thank you!


2013-07-10 04:26:16

Where the FUCK is dusk

Littleluckylink responds:

#sceneproblemz #swaqq #overtime #swagstika


2013-07-10 04:37:07

Holy balls man, that's really something. Congratulations!

Littleluckylink responds:



2013-07-10 09:19:06

That's pretty awesome to be recognized by someone such as Serj Tankian. Congrats.

Littleluckylink responds:

It really is, thanks!


2013-07-10 10:55:27

Second? You deserve first place.

Littleluckylink responds:

Heh, thank you. Hell I would be shitting easy bake ovens even if I just got an honorable mention lmao.


2013-07-10 18:25:35

That's amazing, man.! Congrats. You absolutely deserve it. First place is nice too.


2013-07-15 20:02:10

Congrats, that piece is epic!


2013-07-18 12:59:08

second place that means you topped basically everyone in the contest or what every you were in that's not bad out of who knows how many people that's is pure skill congrats dude its awesome by the way I mean that that's 1 of the best I've have seen from you yet don't give on and keep this work up it adds so much texture and volume to your work nice 1. my vote is 5/5 or 100%


2013-07-20 07:55:03

Like your art, congrats on 2nd place, I'm a fan of Serj's music personally, and it's awesome that he recognized your art. Keep up the good work man.


2013-08-06 19:19:44

What the frick is this! Omg awesome work 11/10 man :)


2013-08-11 08:23:26

dude wtf why isnt dawn madness out yet


2013-08-13 17:49:40

so, what can we expect from you for this madness day?


2013-09-02 02:57:24

Congrats on the art man


2013-09-14 12:10:01

Best thing i ever seen!
But.. You working on Dawn of The Madness Overtime?

Littleluckylink responds:

At the moment since I'm trying to collect myself after a crazy drunk woman attacked me and kicked me out without proper legal grounds, no.


2013-09-19 04:03:08

Its So Cool :D


2013-10-02 11:24:41

Enjoy being 19


2013-10-27 16:08:16

I dare you to paint a self portrait and post it to us!

Littleluckylink responds:

I've done a few actually. There's one of myself as a space viking, another of myself as a zombie, and one of myself drinking absinthe.


2013-11-05 18:16:30

Haven't you tried painting in different styles at all or you trying to specialise in a certain area? I would, personally, like to see you paint someone/or yourself in this style and have you show us your result:


Littleluckylink responds:

I need to get into oil painting first.


2013-11-28 08:49:25

well that's one epic art u do but if u your not working on Dawn of The Madness Overtime why did u do a trailer