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Hello once again!

2017-07-25 21:13:00 by Littleluckylink

Hello hello. This is probably the 500th time that I've gone several months without posting anything. About a year ago I was hyping everyone up for a 2017 release of Dusk of the Madness Overtime. With further issues surrounding the old computer that the file is stored on as well as life and its fistful of turmoil, I have only worked on it on a few occassions. That being said, I unfortunately don't see a 2017 release happening. It is NOT cancelled though. I can't stress that enough. It's just delayed as fuck. 

Between a full time job and painting, I couldn't see myself finishing it unless I dedicated every second of my days that weren't working to animating. 

I recently got out of a very parasitic and toxic relationship/living situation. I'm still in Colorado living happily and quietly with my cats. It's a bit of a financial stretch but it's doable. I've been able to focus on artwork and expression like never before. I've got several really huge painting projects going on at this moment, and I'm excited to share them in the coming months.

One of my more recent pieces, Truth Patrol, was recenly front paged! I'm very thankful and delighted to have something of mine featured on the front page once more. 

Anyway, I'll have more updates surrounding Overtime and artwork once things settle down just a tiny bit more. 

Y'all have a good'n ya hear now 


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2017-07-25 21:17:48

Three minutes ago.
That really hurts.
But I'll be sticking around. Your work always amazed me, Link.


2017-07-26 00:27:33

You got frontpaged too? Congrats. It's a good feeling. My latest song was FP'ed a few days ago. Was awesome in the face of being zero-bombed by angry Geometry Dash players I banned for stealing stuff. I don't have any critique on the piece itself, but it's a good quote from a guy I like, and I can appreciate that. :)


2017-07-26 21:36:51

Disappointing, though totally understandable. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait no matter how long that is.


2017-07-26 21:37:22

It is on the other hand fantastic how your art got featured on the front page!


2017-07-28 01:01:22

Good to see that you're still alive and interested on finishing DOTM.



2017-08-01 03:34:32

take all the time you need.


2017-08-13 09:06:46

Im just happy to hear that you're still breathing and updating on you masterpiece becuase i've seen many people just end up giving up on their masterpieces and fans, take ALL of the time you need, i've been of your work since madness day 2007 or 2008 if I remember, keep up the good work :D


2017-09-04 17:42:09

I'm glad you're doing well Or atleast for the most part. Big fan of you madness animation and I do occasionally checkout your other art :3 But i'm glad madness overtime is still in the works i'm looking forward to it. And if certain life situattion occur again don't worry about delaying it if it helps. peace~~


2017-09-21 16:56:26

Good to know youre doing good