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.Fla recovered!

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - 1 month ago


Good news, everyone! 

If you read my previous post, I was experiencing some frustration with DotM: Overtime’s .fla file. It was damaged, but thankfully not fully corrupt and still salvageable. I should have been creating different .fla files for each scene as I went along, but I waited far too long and after about 305 MB, my .fla file became hardly even usable. Isolating each individual scene into its own .fla file was much more difficult than I anticipated, and it was very exhausting on many levels with a heavy blow to my anxiety. I could only isolate bits and pieces at a time, and Flash would frequently crash on me when attempting to do so. That, coupled with whenever I would miss a few frames or a layer proved to be a very difficult test of my patience. 

Anyway, that’s all in the past now. It took THREE DAYS of hell to get everything reorganized and separated, but there are so many wonderful benefits. For one thing, saving now only takes seconds as opposed to several minutes. Because I’m working in smaller .fla files and releasing this as a video file, I can take the art to higher levels than I originally planned. 

Yes, I will be replacing Krinkels' old MC4-era sprites with my own, and possibly some additional art from some other cool cats.

Despite a vastly improved workflow, all of that truly was exhausting and a bit of a blow to my mental health. With just a little over two months till release date, I’m feeling the pressure. The continued support remains a constant inspiration that helps me push through so I always appreciate that.

Next week’s post won’t be front-paged. It’ll likely be at around midnight (mountain time) just so I can reset the ability to post earlier in the day to keep the Wednesday trend. 

Till then, take care!




Comments (10)

keep up the work, also i love your curly mustache!!

Thank you! This isn't even my final form!

That's some impressive facial hair

Going for Salvador Dali- levels of mustache power. This photo is actually several months old, I can poke my eyes with my mustache now lmao.

Hey man that's really nice to hear! (Also nice mustache)

Glad you fixed the file issues, and here's hoping things run smoothly in the future!

I glad it recovered, so yeah. I love your mustache and keep up the work.

haha nice,that feeling of having to recover ya corrupted file while hopefully dont have to remake it entirely is a feeling i know too well lol

For real. That happened way back with one of my animations, Kill Arena 3. I had made so much progress and done so many cool things but for some reason neglected to export a .swf or back the file up. Lost the file during a power outage while trying to save.

great news, happy to hear you got the fla working! good luck man, you got this.

What is you recommendation for each small files to be under?

For me, the .fla files tend to get a bit laggy after 150 MB, but this could all depend on your computer's processing power, etc. I didn't start having serious problems with Overtime until after the 300 MB mark, which was when I could no longer copy+paste without Flash crashing.
Regardless of computer speed, I'd recommend keeping the files under 200 MB.

I've got twelve "scenes" so far, and the file size for each scene .fla is around 30-50 mb which is quite small. Overtime has a lot of music and one-time use graphics/library items, so creating a new .fla for each scene allows me to drop the dead weight of, for example, a 10 MB song that was used only once at the beginning of the animation.

Ive waited so long and its gonna happen thank you LLL

actually a great question i was going to ask was, after overtime DOES come out, do you also plan to do more madness themed animations? or possibly any other cool madness ideas for movies n stuff? xP maybe a cool side story with Freddy Stone would be fuckin cool, i even still have his sprites if ya need em lmao

Yes! At the moment, I have story outlines for five prequel episodes to the Dawn-Dusk series, with the potential for more to come up in the future. The prequels would focus on what the characters were doing during the earlier days of the outbreak, hoping to explore how exactly everything fell apart and capture the mass hysteria/confusion from different perspectives.
I honestly don’t have any plans or ideas for episodes taking place after the events of Overtime, as it will be a very conclusive episode. However, it will allow potential to continue on if desired. The prequel ideas have been floating around for several years now, and are a lot easier for me to get excited about making, which is why they’re likely to come sooner.

Outside of the Dawn-Dusk universe, I do have the desire to create some type of psychological horror/supernatural Madness-themed animation at some point. I can’t realistically see myself opening the Freddy Stone universe back up, but who knows what may happen in the future- or if any of those ideas may combine?

Only time will tell, however. I have a feeling that I’ll have exhausted my savings by the time Overtime is finished and I’ll have to go back to a full-time work week and may put art/animation projects on hold for a few weeks or so while I catch my breath. There are some different non-Madness animations I may be collaborating on later this year/early next year.