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LittleLuckyLink's News

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - February 9th, 2009


He has stolen every single flash movie and edited the swf to falsely credit himself. What's even worse, all of the movies are actually from Newgrounds. He even stole my old "Stick Antics 2" movie and labeled it as a collab.

Here are the original links to all of the movies he has stolen.

DBZ Ultimate Stick Battle (STOLEN)
DBZ Ultimate Moves (ORIGINAL)

Block Break Fo Sho (STOLEN)
Block Break 1.0 (ORIGINAL)

Music Video of Hybrid (STOLEN)
Hybrid Music Video (ORIGINAL)

{OHT}Stick fight extreme (STOLEN)
I don't have the link because I think the original author hasn't submitted it yet but here is the link to the original author.

{OHT}Bread Madness (STOLEN)
Bread Madness (ORIGINAL)

FSC - Funny Stick Collab (STOLEN)
Stick Antics II (ORIGINAL)

Funny Stick Collab 2 (STOLEN AGAIN)
Stick Antics II (ORIGINAL)

We did it, they're all gone.
And I don't care if they were trolls or not, that doesn't make it OK to steal flash movies.
Oh wait, one more.

Vegetable Kill (STOLEN)
Kill The Pacman(ORIGINAL)

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - January 12th, 2009

Okay, so if you've watched a really bad Madness movie, you probably also saw my long ass review that took up almost or even all of the space provided for reviewing. Big space right? Well even though a movie can still be only 2 seconds long, there is still nothing stopping me from writing a long review. First off, I go over the entire movie, every single scene, and I go into every last detail of what exactly it was that made me cringe. That takes up usually around half of the reviews, the next half would address to the author how he can get better, and ways he could stop polluting the website.
None of my Madness reviews have gotten deleted, simply because none break the rules. While they are EXTREMELY negative, none of them insult the author.. Unless of course the author is an ass who can't take criticism and takes it as an insult. The people need their Flash.exe deleted. Those people act like nothing is wrong with their movie and don't need any help. They are also severely wrong. Those people annoy me the most which then causes me to review it in an extra edgy way. Edgy as in I get really close to actually insulting the author.

Usually, for me to review a Madness movie, it has to qualify in the following ways
-Really badly animated, pointless, etc
-Author responds badly to negative reviews
-Overly high score/and or a bunch of idiots giving the movie 10's just because it's madness.

The people giving it overly high scores thing is also fucking annoying. Those people need to seriously stop fucking reviewing. If someone were to give a shitty Madness movie a ten, they give the author the impression that every thing in their movie is fine, and keep making movies exactly like that. It's better if people know what's wrong with their movies, so they can take that knowledge, and improve.
There are over 2000 Madness movies on this site, if anyone would like to review their Madness movie, or someone elses who needs a fucking dose of reality, then post it here.

(Final note)
Since this is front page, I know it will attract some attention from the regular Madness haters, who would most likely say "oh you're a hypocrite". Well, that was a year ago, back when Neurosis 3 came out and I got all shit faced at the negative reviews, I'm not like that now, so yeah. And to those who may think that I'm doing wrong by writing these reviews telling them how to get better, which may result in more Madness movies, you are an idiot. Either way, there would still be Madness movies, and you people need to think about which is better, more shitty movies, or more good ones.

I leave you with my BMW 7 Series, N***a.

/* */

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - January 2nd, 2009

This year should be much better than last year.
This year I can already guarantee the following animations::
Agitation 3
Kill Arena 3
Day of the Madness

Agitation 3 : I know I said I was done with Madness except on Madness day, and I know I said I was done with Madness collabs, but what the fuck ever am I right? So far I've only made one part for this, I might make another, but I'm really lazy and shit, especially with school and blah blah blah blah blah.

Kill Arena 3 : Pretty self explanatory. I'm still working on it and hit the 2 minutes and 20 seconds mark, it's still not long enough. I need more action. I estimate it may be out by March or even February if I'm not a faggot.

Day of the Madness : Holy fucking shit Dawn got me $250. Day of the Madness comes in right after Dawn, we rejoin the heroes as they're on the zombie infested island. It's coming out on MADNESS DAY (SEPTEMBER 22) 2009 SO STOP FUCKING ASKING. I haven't worked on it much at all, in fact, all I have are a couple of walking cycles. I really need to pick up the pace on this, time is flowing by much faster, and I don't want this to be completely rushed out like Dawn. This one will also be much scarier, with less uplifting music and more dark ambient shit. Music really counts and I have literally been looking for hours for the music I want to use. More Silent Hill music will be a good fraction of the sound track. But I've already got my eyes on a few originals here on NG...

That's what I have planned for 2009. But who knows right? Anything could happen, lets just hope that only the good stuff happens. 2007 was pretty great year for me submitting things. But these more recent years, I haven't been able to make something that was short and quick, like Stick Antics.

Also if anyone cares; I got some good things for Christmas.
Xbox 360 Premium
Left 4 Dead
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill Homecoming
Dead Rising
Gta Vice City
The Orange Box
My best Christmas ever.

Let's just hope that the 360 doesn't distract me TOO much from my movies.
Ok that's it Happy New Year.

lol i bought a key chain

/* */
These guys are fucking GIFTED.
Angry faic keychain arrived today, pretty quick delivery. Came with 1 angry faic sticker and 2 ng logo stickers as well as that really cool post card type thing. I think I might order up some tankmen stickers. MAYBE.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - December 14th, 2008

Alright, so, current projects on hand:

Day of the Madness- 5% intro is being worked on still, haven't worked on it recently due to school and such.

Kill Arena 3- 75% done. Yep, that's right, Kill Arena 3. This isn't a very primary project, but I want one more 2008 submission in my flash page, and since this movie is closest to being done, I feel that it will get the spot. All I really need to do is have a few highly liked characters make a cameo appearance, then end it all by blowing the fuck out of the arena. I will be working on this throughout the Christmas break, and this next final week of school before it. Unfortunately, we're not going to Chicago this year, but whatever. So it will give me more opportunities to work on it.

Right now I'll sorta stop working on Day kinda like how I stopped working on KA3 for Dawn a while back. Kill Arena 3 is already looking pretty cool in my opinion, I just need more a little bit more action and cameos in the movie. So far I've cameo'd
Pyramid Head
Joe Zombie
and Freddy Stone (remember, that old ass character from like, ages ago?)

I want you guys to suggest more people I should add in here. Depending on how cool they are, I might actually do it.

Here's a screenshot of the current status of the Kill Arena 3 arena::

New goal.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - November 11th, 2008

He's a great person, really, but no one ever knows it. My friend, he knows a lot, he can help you find things you need, and answer your questions. Most people ask him for help, and he gladly helps them, I respect my friend, because he is always able to help someone. Unfortunately, there are some people who don't ask him for help, but I have no idea why, I mean, my friend, he knows a whole lot, if not, everything.

My friends name is Google.

Whenever I have a question about something, or doubts about something, I don't bug other people about it, because my friend, Google, LOVES to answer questions. The only time I would ever ask someone other than Google for help, is something that Google can't help me with, but that's a rare occasion. You see, Google has many children, for instance, the searchbar here on Newgrounds is one of his many sons. Like his father, the Newgrounds searchbar also provides information, but only for this particular website.

Seriously people, shut the fuck up and stop bugging me with shit that you could get a more accurate answer from on Google anyways. The search bars weren't created for you to go around asking how to find a black dress on Amazon.com or some shit.

Use the search bar, and for god's sake, Just fucking Google it.

: Blog on Day of the Madness updates coming soon, I just needed to get this out of my head.

Let me tell you about a friend.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - October 9th, 2008

I've started making graphics for the second episode of the Zombie/Madness movie Dawn of the Madness. But that's about it, just graphics, if you saw my last post, you probably saw the link to a preview of some of the characters.
If you didn't, click here.
Although these are new characters, it doesn't mean that anything happened to the old crew.. These are just the new characters, the old ones are still going to star.
I'll try to post one screen shot every month to feed your lust or whatever. I don't want to start it too soon, I'm still planning out the intro. I'll probably start around the beginning of 2009, I just want to take a break to get my other project Kill Arena 3 out of the way. I know, it seems like a pointless series, but the third is pretty cool in my opinion, so I have to release it, it's almost done anyways.

I also received my prizes today.
I am not too sure what I am going to do with the money, as I already got a lot of stuff for me birthday (October 2nd) Maybe I'll get some new air guns to match my badass ERROR shirt. I decorated my room with the stickers and they look great, I also saw that there was a neat card like thing in the package featuring all of the popular characters of Newgrounds, even the Kitty Krew. I'll definitely cherish all of these prizes for my movie.
Thank you Krinkels, and thank you Tom Fulp, and thank you, Newgrounds. <3

Here is a video of what I bought with the money. (Note that I also bought some of them with my birthday money.

/* */

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - October 2nd, 2008

I'm 14 now.
I don't think i will be doing anything special for my birthday, maybe a bunch of small celebrations.

/* */

/* */

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - September 22nd, 2008

Happy day of Madness!
Dawn of the Madness
This is the best movie I have ever made, and I am very proud of it.
The movie is a whopping 9 minutes and 2 seconds, so get some popcorn.
Low quality is recommended, please vote, review, do everything.

And guys, don't upload this to youtube, I don't give a fuck how much you want to, this is for NEWGROUNDS.
I've warned you.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - September 20th, 2008

Here is a post containing some information about Dawn, here we go.
The movie starts out with really bad animation, but it changes within seconds.
Due to an extreme lag, I wasn't able to add any special features, except for a replay button and a FAQ.
It's 5.99 MB
It's pretty epic if I say so for myself
It's gonna be a big hit.
This movie is almost TEN MINUTES!
(including credits) but it is pretty nice, and I hope you all enjoy it.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - September 13th, 2008

Well almost, I am gonna go back and add more shit to the other scenes, you know, polish it up.