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LittleLuckyLink's News

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - June 25th, 2013

Hello. I've kinda neglected posting here mainly because I'm trying to avoid answering that one question I frequently receive in comments, reviews, and private messages. That question being "When is Overtime coming out?"

Honestly at this point I really can't say. No, I haven't been working on it, nor even really touched it for months. That was a bad mistake on my part. That movie is pretty huge and extensive, and it's been quite some time since I've been mentally capable of creating a satisfying animation. I'd have to re-read all of my old scripts, scene descriptions, and take a look back at all the concept art as well as the main influences and inspiration for the movie to properly reconfigure myself to take on such a challenge. But some skepticism comes even with that. While I am finished with a good chunk of the movie, some pretty heavy scenes toward the end of the movie that I have planned out might end up taking a bit of a toll on my computer. Many things need to happen for that to start coming again.

I realize it's been a year since I've worked on it. Here we are in summer again. But this isn't exactly my typical summer. For one thing, I've graduated from high school. But otherwise, well, I won't go into detail, but let's just say an urgency for me to drown myself in work has suddenly come up. It's not my choice, nor is it even really urgent since financially the household is doing pretty well. Certain people don't take my interest in pursuing a career in art too seriously. I don't know, I kinda figured maybe I'd get a part-time job I'm happy with for now, sort out college shit, and perhaps at the end of the day still have time to be able to cool off and do a bit of art? I mean, there's no urgency for me to get a job, we're not starving, we're not dying. We have it pretty well off, and despite the opinions of certain people, I'm not wasting such a privilege by simply "laying around the house doing nothing." I do realize many people have it worse off than I do. I'm not a wasteful person at all, especially when it comes to time. These are such things I feel as though I shouldn't have to explain to people who should know me. Anyway it's basically come down to immersing myself in some random shitty job or, eventually, ending up homeless.

You'd think the mistakes and the missed opportunities one experienced in their lifetime would serve as a constructive learning experience with knowledge gained to save someone else from such ultimate fates, rather than serve as a fucking template to fuck them and their dreams over.

Well, there's me ranting.

Anyway, as usual, I keep painting. I recently sold one of my paintings, entered one into a contest (we'll see how that one goes) and one was featured in Jazza's Art Showcase.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - February 12th, 2013

So here's kinda basically what's been going on in the past few months. I'll just go ahead and say right now that Dusk: Overtime has not seen any progress at all. Why? Blame school. I'm trying to make sure I get all of my shit done efficiently, and typically I'm either too tired or simply uninterested in animating lately. As usual, I've been kinda leaning more towards painting. I've been uploading loads of art, here, my Facebook, and now I even have a Tumblr that I'm still kinda trying to figure out.

I've had a few commissions and stuff like that, and have recently been involving money in my painting. Unfortunately for me, I've also been kinda fucked over on a few occasions and am still waiting on $400 that I was supposed to receive back in November. Oh boy. In other news, I've also started painting the windows of a local video game store. I'm going to go over hopefully sometime this week and paint something again.

In other news, one of my recent art submissions was actually an album cover for Phat-Rat. I've done some art for him in the past, and recently finished up that piece for his album, "They Come Big and They Come Phat," which I'd encourage you to give a listen on his Soundcloud. It's always cool to see artists grow and evolve, and Phat-Rat has definitely been getting better and better with his music.

So yeah, art, school, (c)Harming, etc. That's what's been going on over here. Obviously I still get on here every day, but my posts have significantly lowered in frequency. I'll try to change that.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - December 23rd, 2012

So Dusk: Overtime was supposed to be out around this time, but I haven't even really worked on it in months.

Think of it as an animator's block fueled primarily by school. I simply haven't had the energy to put any more long hours into this thing. Over the summer, I poured hours upon hours into it. Like seriously. This shit doesn't fucking happen over night. I mean I probably could have squeezed in a decent amount of work in on it, but I have been doing other things. I guess the main thing I've been doing is painting. I'm enjoying that far too much. I have a new painting submitted to the art portal at least once every few weeks. I've been trying to basically become known as a painter or something like that. I've made some money off of a few paintings in the past year, and am actually about to start working on a commission.

Overtime is a huge movie. A really huge movie. I have a reasonable amount of it done, but the increasingly high expectations (both my own and yours) like to fuck with my motivation a lot. I could motivate myself. I think I could definitely do that. But currently there are other things that I need to do before I do that. I am out of school for two weeks, so I MIGHT get some amount done, but honestly with all of this constant work, it would be nice just to sit around playing video games or something. Though hell, I rarely feel like doing that either.

When will Overtime be out? Fuck if I know. I might as well just say it'll be out next Madness Day. Don't worry though, I'm not going to let it die. It will eventually be completed and released.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - November 3rd, 2012

I hung out with Marilyn Manson.

So what did you guys do on Halloween?

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - September 22nd, 2012

Dusk of the Madness: Overtime [TRAILER]

Go watch it and reflect upon how making trailers in a 3-hour timespan is generally not recommended by your family pediatrician.

When will the movie be out? I have no clue. I could probably start using steroids and get it out for a Halloween release, but hey don't hold those words against me.



Anyway there's the trailer.


Posted by LittleLuckyLink - September 8th, 2012

Due to the fact that the movie is much bigger and detailed, I regret to announce that it's pretty certain that it won't be out on Madness Day. The movie is already longer than the others, and still isn't done. I still have about 4 minutes of animation left. It's a huge fucking movie basically. It'll be a bitch alone to simply export the thing, but I'll get that sorted out when that comes along.

I'm expecting to get a bunch of comments/reviews/messages on Madness Day asking where the movie is (yeah, despite me making this post and the previous one.) To those people, well, I wish I could have gotten it out, but I do have school and tons of other things I need to work on. I can't exactly make these things overnight, and holy hell, how many endless nights I have spent working on this.

I'll release a trailer or something on Madness Day perhaps, but as for the actual movie, I honestly do not know when it will come out. I would have loved to have it in the competition and such, but eh, this is more about the movie. Like I've stated before, I have absolutely no desire to rush it or end it prematurely (and ultimately cause myself to make yet another episode to something I hadn't intended to exceed a trilogy.) Naturally, this movie is pretty exhausting, and I've kinda turned more towards painting. Typically when I have a huge animation project like this, I'm somewhat turned off from the idea of animating. It may take a while for this motivation to return, but I'm going to use what remains to try to get this movie out before the end of 2012.

In other news, I've provided art for Phat-Rat's new song, Night Fishing. I've been frequently collaborating with him (art and song vocals) and am about to record some more vocals once I finish writing this post.

Here's a random screenshot just because

Bad news: Overtime won't be out on September 22.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - August 23rd, 2012

This is not a post that will determine a release date, it's simply one I pondered posting about for a while, and feel the need to at least get it out there just in case things don't go as desired.

Madness day is coming up, and so is something else, the first day back in school. Yes, I'll be a senior this year. I'll have to do a bunch of shit that I haven't done because of whatever the hell, so yeah. Now that being said, I'm not exactly sure how my schedule will be for this first month or so before Madness Day. I'm hoping the teachers don't go psychotic with homework this year. Last year was fine, but I'll probably end up switching out of a class or two if that happens (not only for the sake of animation, but also for the sake of not fucking drowning.)

Okay, I've kinda rambled off a bit, but the basic point I'm trying to get at is, if the movie doesn't end up coming out on Madness Day, I request everyone calm down and just wait a little bit longer. I'm at a pretty decent point in the movie, about 70% done. One thing worth noting though, is that this movie is going to be about 15 minutes. In fact, I've already got about 9-10 minutes done. I've got a scene coming up, the super duper climax, and then epilogue. Doesn't seem like too much, but there are tons of small details and shit that I've had so much fun polishing up.

I will try my best to get it out on Madness Day. However, I have to acknowledge that the only reason this movie exists is because I rushed the ending to Dusk of the Madness. The final 3 minutes or so was animated in a spree of about 36 constant hours animating like a day before the release. I really, really don't want to do that. I want this movie to tie things up nicely so I don't end up fucking doing this shit again. If I don't meet the deadline, well, that's because the movie is great.

Now to kinda promote the thing its self. What can I say? It's violent, the story is fun and interesting, we learn a lot more about the labs themselves, we learn about the true fates of all of the characters, it's violent, the movie features some menacing new zombies, it's violent, and it's got maggots and shit or something.

Also, the music featured in the movie is almost actually completely original- many of the tracks being done by some great friends of mine, Delta, and Slipz. (Slipz took on a different style for my movie, but definitely check out his audio on his channel right there.)

Uh what else..

Oh, screenshot.

I don't want this to be taken the wrong way


Posted by LittleLuckyLink - August 2nd, 2012

The winner(s?) will be chosen, and they may or may not be announced.

If they're not announced, it's because I've chosen to simply pick the winner(s), put them in the movie, and then give the movie a bit more of a super cool promotion or whatever to see who won.

Oh by the way, I just need to stress this:

Madness day is my goal, of course. However, I am not, by any means, going to rush this movie. I am not going to do any last minute fucking 36 hour before release date steroid animation rushes for this.

I am going to give it my best effort, make it look the sharpest, and make it properly end the series. The main reason this episode even exists is because I rushed the fuck out of the ending to Dusk and didn't get to do what I originally wanted. I will not let this fucking happen again.

So if it's not out on Madness day, consider the amount of effort put into it and the fact that this shit just doesn't happen overnight.

Also be sure to understand that I'm not saying it will be out, nor am I saying it won't be out on Madness Day. It's just a goal, but for the sake of the movie, I'm willing to go past that goal.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - July 29th, 2012

The art competition to design a zombie to be featured in the upcoming final installment to the Dawn/Day/Dusk of the Madness series ends this Friday, August 3rd.

Be sure to wrap up any entries, check out the post on the forum for more rules, and yeah.

Winners should be announced the following week after the competition ends.

Also, have a screenshot if you like. (By the way, there are more on that forum I linked to.)

Art competition ends next week

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - July 16th, 2012

Back at my forum, The Constipated Bull, my good pal Fatshark and I have teamed to start an art competition. A fun contest for people to design a zombie that will appear in the fourth movie of my zombie trilogy. The rules are simple, draw or sketch the design for a unique zombie you'd like to see brought to life (literally) in the upcoming movie. To enter, either post in the official topic on my forum, or leave a comment here. However, I highly encourage you to at least check out the official topic on the forum for some more details and shit.

In other news, god damnit Metalocalypse, you and your cliffhangers.

Art Competition: Design a zombie to appear in Dusk of the Madness: Overtime