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LittleLuckyLink's News

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - December 31st, 2011

Well, leaving 2011 behind and looking at all 0 of my accomplishments, I hope to bring some pretty neat shit in 2012. As long as I'm able to actually animate this year, I can guarantee a few interesting movies. One of which is being worked on at this very moment (I took a break to write this fucking thing.) Progress was slow at first, but I've been working nightshifts on it and am getting quite a lot done. I don't know when it will be released. I tend to focus more on school work during the school year, and this break is like the only time I've been able to freely animate in easily over a fucking year, so yeah. If I set some goals to achieve by the end of each week, maybe I can get it out in February or March. I'm about halfway done with it or so.

Anyway, as for personal shit. I'm very excited for May. Why? I secured my ticket to see fucking Rammstein live. I'll be really close, too.

Also, follow me on Twatter to get more frequent and mostly pointless updates on something or another.

We also have a forum.

So I leave you now with a screenshot from my upcoming film about self-discovery, courage, and obsession.


Posted by LittleLuckyLink - November 26th, 2011

Been a while since I've posted here. Keep in mind, I get on daily to statwhore and check messages and shit, but I really don't have much to update on sadly. My motivation to really do anything other than nothing isn't here, and hasn't been here in a while. I have been drawing shit lately, but that's about it. I'm really wanting to get back into working on my current animation that I had planned to be finished by now.

But as we all know, I typically don't animate much during the school year. The most animating I'll probably get done will be on some other break, but I've been busy this Thanksgiving with other shit. Blah blah blah, doing well in school, etc etc fuck you

Here's a screenshot from the movie I'm working on.

Release date: Hopefully before or right after New Years.

November updates

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - September 22nd, 2011

Happy Madness Day, everyone.

Been watching through some of the submissions throughout the day. Some neat stuff out there. This day has always been a very important day to me, I feel pretty proud about the trilogy I've released over the past three years and the reception from them. While I've been really wanting to get started with some non-Madness zombie/horror flashes, but unfortunately wasn't able to animate at all over the summer, which is something that continues to anger me. But more of that may be announced as time goes on. I don't think I'll be able to make the movie in time for a Halloween release, so I won't even try.

Also, just in case some haven't seen it, I submitted an unreleased Silent Hill- themed Madness short this morning. View it here.

Madness Day

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - September 17th, 2011

Something will be released very soon. By very soon I mean less than a week from now. No, it's nothing new since I haven't had any time over the summer whatsoever to do what I love doing (if I could have I would have), but it's in fact something that was meant to come out a year ago but never did.

It's very short, and I'm kinda just submitting it for fun, so don't expect a Dawn/Day/Dusk of the Madness-type film.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - August 28th, 2011


Okay so, I hope to be doing some neat shit soon. Hopefully involving zombies.

That's all for now. So like I said, Hello.


Posted by LittleLuckyLink - April 12th, 2011

So lately I've been really wanting to animate. However, I'm so shitty at managing my time, so these things take forever. I have a project I'm currently working on (that fucking black ops thing), a project that is being thought out, and about 14 other potential projects.

Those 14 potential projects are all dreams I've had. If any of you have followed my posts before, I have talked about how I have cool fucking dreams. Most of them put me in this storyline in a whole different universe. Some of them in particular are fucking interesting as fuck. Of course, they'd make perfect movies, and some day I hope to be able to submit them. However, before I do that, I still want to get adjusted to my transition from Madness-style movies so that I don't disappoint myself.

The first project after my simplistic-style CoD movie will be something I hope to submit next Halloween. I guess I'll choose Halloween as my day to submit big things from now on. It's mostly been Madness day.

First I need to get through this year of school. It's being a big fat black bitch.
Updates as they come, until then, have this as a little teaser type thing. It's the song I'm gonna use in my Halloween thing.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - March 28th, 2011

I have received the mightiest of all things to be delivered via United States Postal Service, it is a pillow, enchanted with a big ass "L".
(also a heartwarming letter and 48 hours of super duper xbox live sex)

All from my royal fruity fellow; Ye Olde Apple. (or KingApple)

Here is me, looking out into the sunset with my new trusty sidekick. Thank you CONNOR you have made me a very happy leprechaun (Y)

A royal gift package from the mystical lands of Missouri

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - December 25th, 2010

Merry Christmas to all you naughty motherfuckers.

If you've been reading my stupid goddamn twatter that I whore out in every blog, then you've prolly noticed that I said I'd be announcing two new movies today.

First, The Ultimate Odyssey- A movie about a certain special boy's journey to embark on self discovery. In other words don't expect much. It's a relatively short movie, but I'm working on visuals and stuff to make it look sexy.

Second, for some reason I am deciding to do a video game parody. It's about Black Ops and the people who sit in corners with Second Chance and Grenade launchers. Fuck you. It's prolly gonna be called something like "CoD: Second Chance" or something similar. More details as I begin to give more of a fuck.

No real release dates are coming, but I guess that's gonna be my New Years resolution. I kinda miss the fun of making movies and releasing them quicker. I am planning on making a lot more movies in 2011. I'm gonna have to rebuild a fanbase since most people who liked me stopped after I finished up with Madness. Oh and in case you're wondering what the other New Years resolution is- It's staying away from fucking crazy attention-seeking bitches.

2010 was alright I guess. I mean it was shitty through most of it but after October things started to really pick up. Started with the 22nd when I went to the Gorillaz concert. Good god that was fucking amazing. Then later on with the vacation to San Francisco, then once more when me and a few friends went down town to see a local-sorta band play live. God damn that was great.

Oh.. P.S. I may ALSO be working on a movie with Kostou, the mastermind behind Lifting in Bayching, which I fucking loved.

So, my lovelies, what did you get for Christmas? (desperate attempt to get more comments)

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - December 9th, 2010

(yeah a bit late of an update)

I had a great time in San Francisco, I saw my uncle and his huge dog, went around the city a bit, was stuffed full of plenty of amazing food, it was really a great time. I really can't wait to go again some time. Next time I'll try to go to Alcatraz and stuff, that'd be great.

Well back in Texas now, and I miss it so much. It's just so flat here. I miss all the water and the mountains, damn... I am starting to get a rather creative buzz, I've been drawing in my sketchbook a lot more recently, and I'm starting to get ideas for zombie films I may make. I'm thinking I may keep up this same structure of "work a lot on animation during the summer and submit it in the fall", kinda like I've been doing with my Madness day animations. Except now, I will do fullbodied animations based off of various dreams I've had, and I will submit them for Halloween. Sounds like a good plan to me. It gives me a lot more time to work on things.

You're prolly thinking.. "So does this mean we're gonna get to see those animations you've been bragging about for the past two years next year on Halloween?"

No promises.. but.. Maybe.

Also be sure to check out my Twatter page. (just in case you haven't already gotten the link down since I whore it out in just about every blog I make on here)

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - November 29th, 2010

On Wednesday, December 1st, I'll be going to San Francisco for no real reason other than a random vacation, and I'm actually quite excited about it.. I've been needing a good break from school, and this past week off has been great (Thanksgiving Break), and god damn, another one for me in such short time.

I'll be sure to take some pictures and shit, I will PROBABLY take my laptop to use when I'm in the hotel room.. I'm not too sure, but if I do decide to take it, you'll know because I'll be fucking posting ALL OVER my Twatter account, which I've actually been quite actively posting on.

I'll make a newspost about the trip next week when I get back, but until then, check the Twatter for short updates about various things. Only two days until I get to go, it will be great lmao

Also, I'm starting to think about my future zombie projects, I might talk about them in next week's post.