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LittleLuckyLink's News

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - November 21st, 2010

I've taken a break from animation, and to be honest, I'm not really sure what's coming next from me. I don't exactly have the urge to animate JUST yet. I need a break from school mainly (which I'll have very soon). I'll soon be making movies active as hell, but I guess the major thing is that I'm actually working on an animation for my animation class, so I guess it's just sorta that whole "hard to work on two things at once" thing, even though I only work on it at school. School's been hilariously ridiculous by the way lmao.
But yeah I guess it's sorta a break for me. Also, looking back on Dusk, I feel kinda shitty about it. Like, I didn't work on it enough over the summer because I was too depressed or some shit like that. Like, I'm very disappointed with it when looking at it now. But I'll do fun stuff to make up for it. I'm gonna have quite a bit of school off within the next week. I'm actually going to San Francisco on December 1-5. No real reason, just a vacation. It'll be fun. I'll also see my uncle, who I haven't seen in quite a while. Then of course, we get thanksgiving break this current week.

I'll honestly probably be a HUGE faggot and just sit around with Black Ops and Metroid Prime and not actually do anything productive, but hey, I need a break lmao. I know I've seen inactive on NG, but I check it every day, seriously. It's my most visited website (well, actually, Bullshit Forums is. Seriously check it out or something, it's tons of fun)

I'll make more frequent blogs, talking about more cool shit and maybe life shit if I feel that anyone gives enough of a fuck to read it.

Until then, have a good week, and Happy Thanksgeveng to those who live in USA.

Oh, PS, I just bought Dirty Ice's horror core rap album, Abandoned. It is sexually exciting. I recommend it to anyone who likes horror core rap (ICP, Necro, etc)

But yeah, more blogs/animation/etc coming, until then; enjoy this

Sorta inactivity

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - November 2nd, 2010

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - October 19th, 2010

I just wanted to make a little post talking about what made me want to animate. Many of you may know Rob D from the "Cyanide and Happiness" comics and cartoons, but I've actually been a fan of him for many years. He used to make some pretty great stick movies. Long ago, he had a pretty great series called Joe Zombie. Joe Zombie is probably my single favorite series on Newgrounds.

Click here to watch the Joe Zombie series.

The series, when looked at today and compared with other Flash movies, may seem simplistic, but really that doesn't bother me one bit. I still love the series. Actually, Episode 6 is my fucking favorite. It's actually pretty damn remarkable to me. I look at some of the stuff he did in that movie and I wonder how the fuck he did it- the 3-D and various dust-looking effects and stuff. (Only a bit of Swift 3-D was used in the movie by the way). But either way, amazing. Great camera movements, sound, everything. I can only wonder what Episode 7 would look like...

Anyway, I love everything about the series, and looking back, it's kinda funny how I was scared of it years ago. Pretty much every movie I've made has some sort of reference to the series, but only a few people actually get it since in all honest, popularity for the series has died or shifted to C&H.

Now if only us older guys could get an update on JZ7... Shit, I'll admit, when I saw Episode 6 on the front page, I fucking screamed. It took like three years if I remember correctly. That was in August of 2006..

Imagine the how many Easy Bake ovens I would shit to see even a screenshot of it today..

Joe Zombie- The series that inspired me to animate

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - October 16th, 2010

I realized what I should have realized a long time ago. Thank you to those who helped me understand and didn't give up on me.

I will find someone else, hopefully someone who would appreciate what I do for them.. Thank all of you though.

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - October 2nd, 2010

Today, Oct. 2, is my b-day. I am now 16. Well, iunno what to really say about that. Sept that I'm 16. Anyway, enough of that shit. I'd like to thank all of you for the support with Dusk, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. While I can't exactly respond to each and every last one of them (I'm kinda lazy and I don't exactly know what to say some times) just know that I appreciate all of the comments and I am thankful.

I have also won fifth place this year in the Madness Day contest =]
Thanks bunches Tom and Krinkels

Also, I know a lot of you have had various questions over the series, I have tried my best to answer most of them, but I have also decided to make a commentary-sorta thing about each of the episodes on Youtube. Basically talking about the movies, answering questions, talking about some secret shit and hidden messages, all that shit. If there is anything in specific you want me to talk about, lemme know.

Also, this will be my last full length tribute. h0w 2 anim8 maddnes will likely be made, but we'd have to re-record the thing for a third time since we didn't get it right the first two.. There's also an unreleased collab part that I made. I decided that I didn't want it to go to waste, so I gave it to PsychoJester53 (djtrickym) to submit along with one of his parts (IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY TOO, so be sure to wish him a Happy B-Day). Now before you flip shit about me wanting to submit a madness collab part, here are a few details about the collab part. It's not a simple run into a room and kill part, it's actually a rather cinematic car chase, bit of silence.. and then something happens.. Anyway.. One last thing, I was invited to a collab hosted by some close long time friends and fellow animators. The collab is a secret and I doubt anyone is allowed to join, and I can't really talk about it. I'll just go ahead and say that the secret collab is gonna have a theme and we'll all do our best to make it stand out far more than most other collabs. Its release date is unknown.

Many of you have been asking me to make a sequel to Dusk. Sorry, but Dusk is the last. There will be no more.. HOWEVER, even though I may be finishing up with Madness, I am CERTAINLY not finished with zombies. I have many, many, many many ideas for zombie films. In fact, all of them have actually come from dreams I've had. For a while I'll be testing out different styles of animation, and once I find myself one that I enjoy, I'll start working on those serious projects. Zombie animations and psychological horror animations are things I plan on doing. And most likely, you'll see something from me next year for Halloween..

Anyway, thank you all for the support and stuff, It makes me feel all warm inside.


My birthday & Thank you all

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - September 22nd, 2010

I deeply apologize for the lateness. I had some problems with exporting the final product and shit like that, making sure it was perfect.

Annnnyway... It is up right now!


It's been a fun ride, and I'm glad that you guys have enjoyed the series, and I hope you enjoy the final episode as well :]
Thank you

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - September 21st, 2010

Oh damn, it sure does feel nice to make a post like this. These pre-upload posts, like the ones I did last year and the year before.

Well.. Here's mine for Dusk I guess. I'm not finished with the movie lmao. I still have a scene to do.. BUT.. I think I can finish it. It may totally fuck me up, but I'll just have to work at it as much as I can.. So bed... I'll brb for a day or two.. Don't forget to check my Twitter, which I might update occasionally

Now for info..
Dusk is about as long as the previous movies.
There are a lot more melee kills rather than gun kills.
There are four new characters, but only one of them actually joins the survivors.
There is a lot of gore and stuff
The filesize is actually pretty much the size of Dawn, if not maybe a little bit bigger
Obviously, this will be the last of the series.
I tried to make it appeal to the classic zombie lovers (like me) a bit more
I drew the zombies this time
I edited and recorded my own zombie sounds (I deepened the ones I uploaded a few months ago)

Yeah.. So it'll be up on Wednesday. I'm not sure what time. But probably some time around the morning or after noon.

Be sure to re-watch Dawn of the Madness and Day of the Madness to prepare yourselves. :]


Posted by LittleLuckyLink - September 9th, 2010

Yeah hello. I'm going through tons of things right now, both related to school and not related to school. I'm going to have to fucking push myself like hell to finish this movie on time the way I intended it. I just need to spend more time working on it really.

I'm not sure what else I can really say about Dusk, ask questions in the comments section and I'll email you a pizza roll. So since I don't have much else to say about Dusk, I'll just sorta give an update on shit that I never even talked about to begin with. Okay so first off I love Rammstein. Second, I'm struggling with something really confusing and tricky, third, school. School honestly isn't really that bad. I forget my homework tons of times and I'm failing lotsa shit, but otherwise it's okay. I'm taking an animation class, which will majorly help my animations in the future. You know, those original ones I've been bragging about for years? Yeah. We'll be doing 2D and 3D shit in my animation class.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I'm seeing Gorillaz live on October 22nd. It should be great. I have great seats and everything.

Now below, you'll find a screenshot of Dusk. But before that, I want to share a few links with you.

FIRST OFF: IcyCrew. He is a great unsigned horror-core rapper from Sweden, and could really use the support. Visit the site, listen to a few of his songs, you'll definitely like them. Plus, his lovely album art cannot be beaten.

LET'S NOT FORGET: Djtrickym/Death/PsychoJester53. He is a fantastic animator and he's just now getting in touch with the art portal. he's got a great new movie coming out, and he could really use the support because the movie will likely be better than 80% of the other Madness movies.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Boss30 is an up and coming voice actor, and a pretty great one too. I recommend him for any voice acting you might need, Check him out.
now the screeny:

Dusk of the Madness........?

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - August 13th, 2010

Well, it's the end of summer break. Mine fucking sucked. I won't go into detail, but let's just say it was really lonely.

But none of you care about that, you all just came to hear about the Dusk of the Madness. Well, the movie is going good, it's turning out to be unique, and after learning the ins and outs of flash, I've finally managed to be able to add in whatever badass elements I can. The movie its self is coming along pretty much exactly on schedule. I'd say I was about 60% finished.
I'm not too sure what else to say about the movie, except that it will be really cool.

For more frequent updates, remember to visit my fucking gay Twitter page. (Maybe follow me so that I feel special)

Here's your screenshot. Enjoy

Dusk of the Madness + End of Summer Break

Posted by LittleLuckyLink - July 23rd, 2010

I've posted the trailer on the Bullshit Forums, register, find the "Dusk of the Madness" topic, and then watch it.

While you're at it, post around the forum, it's a pretty great place. I'll post the trailer here on NG at the end of August, but in a desperate attempt to attract more members to the website (lololol), I've posted it there.

Yep, it's going nicely. Very nicely. Remember to check my Shitty Twitter Page for updates and all that shit.

I'd talk about it more, but honestly I'm not too sure what to say.. Except that it is better than Dawn and Day in every single way possible. Dawn was nice, but the art and animation is where it really lacked at some points. Day was ok, but it was loaded with too many bullshit ripped off characters, and the colors I used were too bright. I like to compare Day of the Madness with the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. Loads of characters, barely any character development, but loads of fun violence.

Dusk is just so much better in every way, a few twists coming, way better art with a much better color scheme, oh and also..

The zombies aren't the only things our heroes have to worry about....

Dusk of the Madness Trailer