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Happy early Madness Day!

2017-09-21 17:00:22 by Littleluckylink

Hey folks! Sorry, no Overtime this year. I still wanted to contribute something though. I am heading out for a weekend camping trip so I figured I'd post it early =] Check it out!

Oh before I forget, Overtime will be out 9/22/18. 

Hello once again!

2017-07-25 21:13:00 by Littleluckylink

Hello hello. This is probably the 500th time that I've gone several months without posting anything. About a year ago I was hyping everyone up for a 2017 release of Dusk of the Madness Overtime. With further issues surrounding the old computer that the file is stored on as well as life and its fistful of turmoil, I have only worked on it on a few occassions. That being said, I unfortunately don't see a 2017 release happening. It is NOT cancelled though. I can't stress that enough. It's just delayed as fuck. 

Between a full time job and painting, I couldn't see myself finishing it unless I dedicated every second of my days that weren't working to animating. 

I recently got out of a very parasitic and toxic relationship/living situation. I'm still in Colorado living happily and quietly with my cats. It's a bit of a financial stretch but it's doable. I've been able to focus on artwork and expression like never before. I've got several really huge painting projects going on at this moment, and I'm excited to share them in the coming months.

One of my more recent pieces, Truth Patrol, was recenly front paged! I'm very thankful and delighted to have something of mine featured on the front page once more. 

Anyway, I'll have more updates surrounding Overtime and artwork once things settle down just a tiny bit more. 

Y'all have a good'n ya hear now 

A brief update.

2017-01-22 18:14:12 by Littleluckylink


Sorry for the silence. Life's been difficult for the past few months. This is primarily due to the loss of two different vehicles and struggling to pay bills while keeping art-blocking anxiety away. No new updates on Overtime, but I'm not postponing it any longer. As far as I see, September 22 2017 is still the release date. More updates soon to follow. Meanwhile, check out my new painting!

Hey there! Sorry I missed last week's weekly Overtime screenshot, I try to upload them during the weekends but in my current state without internet, that's a little difficult and I've been busy all week otherwise. So here are two screenshots!

I also uploaded a new painting today, titled For the Land, check it out!



Weekly Overtime Screencap

2016-10-01 21:32:12 by Littleluckylink

As promised:

I'll be posting these on Fridays/Saturdays until Overtime is released on 9/22/17. Check out my previous news posts in case you missed anything.


Happy Madness Day! 

In case you missed my last few posts, (which I've started doing again only recently,) I've moved to Colorado, and resurrected Overtime. I'll be setting a weekly reminder on my phone to post a new screenshot each week until exactly one year from now when I intend on finishing the movie. So in celebration of Madness Day...



2016-09-05 02:29:25 by Littleluckylink

Since I'll be increasing my posting frequency on here in light of recent events, be sure to check out my previous blog.

Once you've done that, check this out:


I moved to Colorado!

2016-08-27 19:22:51 by Littleluckylink

Crazy how time flies. I can't believe it's been over a year since I've posted on here. Last time I talked about how I didn't really have too much time on my hands because of my full (overtime, actually) job. I worked as a shift manager at a pizza shop and while it did get stressful, and I disliked giving up entire days to it, I made some decent bank. Upon reflection, it wasn't terrible, but I defiitely needed a change of pace, and my time in Austin, Texas was beginning to run short. I had always wanted to get away from that state for a few different reasons. Largely, the climate was far from what I found comfortable. The city was beginning to get overpopulated as fuck, and even though I lived about 20 minutes north of downtown, the traffic turned it into an hour and a half trip if made during the daytime generally. The areas I lived in started to go to shit and I generally started to not feel so safe. 

So here I am now, in Greeley, Colorado! So far, I'm loving the weather, the views, the mountains, the clean air, etc. I live about an hour north of Denver, which is pretty much growing at the rate of Austin unfortunately, but I'm far enough away in a comfortable town. Due to availability and cost, I wasn't really able to find any reasonable places close to Denver, which is why I'm so far out. I moved up here with my girlfriend and we've finally settled into our apartment. We had no furniture for a while, until my general manager hooked it up with a dope ass couch, and my mom drove up here to bring some more of my things I had to leave behind.

I'll admit, it's been a struggle, and I'm sure I've pissed off a few different bill collectors. I'm working at a Starbucks for the time being, attempting to crunch down and focus on getting my artwork to become a consistent income. So far it's worked out pretty decently but with the stress it's been a bit difficult to focus. My job is easier and I don't work quite as many hours, but I'm paid far less than before and it's starting to really not work too well. Hopefully things will smooth out soon. 

Some good news though!

At one of the Flux festivals in Arkansas, I had the blessing to meet a very insightful and caring man named John who was in his humble beginnings of starting up a festival-oriented cloting line. Fast forward to today, and Lit Like Luma is now providing beautiful garments of wearable artwork such as shirts, tanks, hats, and more. Furthermore, you should check out My Page! I am very proud of what John, his team, and I have produced. Definitely go check it out! He sent me some samples of my products and I've got to admit, they nearly brought tears to my eyes. Seeing my artwork so beautifully weaved into hats and shirts, so pristine, so vibrant, and on such high quality material was a very touching moment and definitely a dream come true. My goal is to eventually have my art on a lot of things, such as clothing, movie posters, albums, and eventually I'd hope to get back into animation. 

Hey on that note

I still haven't cancelled Overtime. I've recieved a few different private messages saying some prankster on Youtube is going around saying I cancelled it. I haven't officially cancelled it and don't plan on it either. Don't get your hopes up, it's no were closer to being finished than it was a year ago. But let me offer a bit of an explanation. So the file was animated using Macromedia Flash Professional 8 (yeah that's fucking right fuck Adobe) on my old Toshiba PC laptop. About a year and a half ago, my screen fucked out and I was unable to use it. Turned out to be more expensive to fix it than to just get a new, possibly slightly better one. (Bullshit, right?) Anyway, at that time I also didn't have a monitor I could use, or honestly the knowledge of what I'd need to do that. My brother was awesome enough to not only send me a new iPhone to replace my broken Android phone, but also a new Macbook Pro! I like it! Except I can't use Macromedia Flash 8 on here. After a while, the concept of getting a monitor/cord to complete the animation on wasn't really something I thought about, and being wrapped up in life and its happenings, I kinda just abandoned that. I still have an itch though. An itch to finish what I started. Life is chaotic and a lot has happened and will continue to happen, so I can't promise it immediately. But when I've got that monitor situation sorted out.. I'll let you know. ;)

Anyway, in other news, I've been seeing some cool stuff on the front page of Newgrounds lately. A lot will argue that Newgrounds has "died" or whatever, but I still log on at least once a day, if not every other day. Either to simply respond to reviews and messages, generally lurk, post art, or watch some new stuff, no matter what, Newgrounds has and will always be alive to me <3 It's hard to believe that I've been browsing the site for over 15 years, and have had this account for almost 10(!) (I had another account that I made in like 2003 but let's just not talk about that one okay)


Anyway thanks if anyone read through that, even if it was for the bit where I talked about Overtime. I appreciate it! A year of silence calls for a long ass post typically so hey look here are some mountains!


I've been sucked into the strains of working weeks upon weeks of overtime. I'm not talking about that long-paused fourth animation I still have intents on finishing one day, I'm talking about my regular-jack-off job. 

While I don't animate as much as I'd like to these days (as in at all,) I have been steadily putting out some new artwork. As a result, I've been making out of state trips to Arkansas-based art and music festivals known as Flux Festivals hosted in part by none other than NG's very own FatKidWitAJetPak! In fact, in just a little over a week from now, I'll be making the trip again to attend Cosmic Flux. Anyone in the Arkansas area should check it out! 

I really owe it to Nick (FKWAJP) for helping me realize my potential by welcoming me into the Flux Family. It really is a wonderful experience, a paradise if I do say so. It's a personal goal to be self-sustaining with my art, at least to a degree in which I can phase the days upon days spent not painting as a result of either working or attempting to recuperate myself from the stresses of such a strain. 

If I can somehow fucking pull this off you can guarantee Overtime and many more animations will follow. To whoever out there is still curious about it, (I know there are quite a few out there,) please just know that I have not forgotten about it, and I absolutely do not intend to let it die. It's too fucking cool of an animation already and there is so much more I want to put into it. 


Chrono Flux!

2014-12-13 01:13:48 by Littleluckylink

I shall be participating in Chrono Flux, an art festival centered in Little Rock, Arkansas on January 3rd!

This will be the first time I've participated in an art festival, so I'm pretty damn excited. I'm pretty thankful and excited to have such an incredible opportunity like this. I seriously can't wait. Check out the Chrono Flux page for more info!